The Truth About Windows VPS Web Hosting Services

In the competitive world of Windows virtual private server hosting solutions, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the benefits of choosing the Windows operating system for your VPS. More often than not, Windows VPS hosting solutions are compared with Linux VPS options when attempting to decide which VPS hosting solution is best.

The reality of VPS hosting is that there are no dramatic differences between these two operating systems and no fundamental flaws that make Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting the right or wrong choice. Instead, your decision should be based on more personal criteria – both Linux and Windows VPS services are good, but which one would be good for you? Which one are you more familiar with? What are the slight differences that, depending on your specific needs and goals for your online presence, could make the difference between remarkable ease of use and an incredibly hard to manage server?

In a recently published article, Why Your Business Needs a Windows VPS Hosting Plan, experienced Windows VPS web hosting provider identifies the advantages of choosing a Windows VPS hosting solution for your business. The article discusses the key features of a VPS hosting plan and the unique traits that make Windows VPS web hosting an increasingly popular choice for businesses worldwide.

Is a Windows VPS hosting plan better than Linux?

At one time, distributions of the open source Linux operating system were the clear favorite among web servers of all kinds, from shared hosting, through VPS hosting, to dedicated server hosting services. However, this has become increasingly less true, with installations of Microsoft Windows Server rapidly increasing and, today, almost matching the popularity of Linux. As the Windows operating system has become more suited to server use and more reliable than ever, the use of Windows VPS web hosting services has grown across the web development community.

In our latest article, looks at the most common reasons that businesses and individuals select Windows VPS hosting plans, from improved application compatibility to exclusive Windows-only software including Microsoft ASP and Microsoft ASP.NET hosting. The article discusses how the power of these tools to streamline web development is a significant consideration when looking for the right operating system, and how some useful, cross-compatible software consistently performs best on the Windows VPS web hosting platform.

As well as looking at the technical benefits of choosing Windows VPS hosting solutions, the latest article examines the Microsoft Windows brand, the existing popularity of the operating system, and how familiarity with Windows functionality can translate to ease of use for those who are new to VPS web hosting. Most everybody knows what Windows looks like and how to use it. Taking control of a Windows VPS plan requires no extra training or research, leaving businesses better equipped to take charge of their hosting and get on with building their business.

Professional Windows VPS hosting services available now from

Being a specialist in Windows VPS web hosting services, has years of experience in configuring and deploying the most reliable, high-performance Windows VPS servers in the industry. Every Windows VPS hosting plan includes a fully licensed copy of Windows Server 2008 R2, a dependable Windows release that ensures consistent availability for your server.

Designed to suit businesses of all sizes, there are several distinct Windows VPS web hosting solutions available from, each giving you the chance to order the resource allocation you need, without paying for additional resources you are unlikely to use. Each of these plans includes a 99.999% uptime service level agreement, a 30-day money back promise, as well as 24/7/365 customer support to help you take full advantage of your powerful Windows VPS hosting plan.

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