The Importance of Choosing a Quality ColdFusion Dedicated Hosting Solution

ColdFusion (CF) is a popular rapid application development platform that lets programmers create rich dynamic websites quickly and relatively easily. According to Adobe, the company that developed ColdFusion, the ColdFusion platform and the programming language with the same name are used by over 800,000 developers around the world. The applications of ColdFusion are numerous and diverse. Basically, any project that requires interactivity and dynamic content can be built from scratch using the ColdFusion platform and programming language.

The quality of a web application or dynamic web site depends in great extent on the quality of the web server that hosts it, and ColdFusion projects make no exception of this rule. If you plan to develop a ColdFusion application, or if you need to deploy a web app built with CF, it is imperative to opt for a quality ColdFusion dedicated hosting solution. offers ColdFusion dedicated servers running Windows Server or Linux

One of the strengths of the ColdFusion development platform is its compatibility with a wide range of programming frameworks and operating systems. Unlike competing products such as ASP.NET, which only works properly on a specific OS (Windows Server in the case of .NET), ColdFusion functions at its full potential in any operating system.

Acknowledging the importance of ColdFusion’s versatility, offers quality ColdFusion dedicated hosting solutions that run Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition or CentOS Linux. Programmers and web masters will find at a great ColdFusion dedicated hosting environment, regardless if their web app was designed to work under Windows or the open source Linux.

Running CentOS on your ColdFusion dedicated server host is especially attractive as offers CentOS free of charge. By opting to use Linux on your ColdFusion dedicated hosting environment, you can build a powerful and versatile dedicated server that supports ColdFusion, as well as open source web technologies, including PHP and MySQL.

ColdFusion hosting administration is easier with powerful tools like Helm or cPanel

With any type of ColdFusion dedicated server, it is important to have a clear picture of the way your server works, as well as fine-grain control over the small details that can sometimes make a huge difference. At, you get several capable administration utilities that give you full control over your ColdFusion dedicated servers.

Depending on your choice of operating system, you can administer your ColdFusion dedicated hosting solution using cPanel for Linux, or Parallels Helm for Windows Server. For a flat monthly fee, cPanel and Helm provide robust and complex capabilities, making it easy to complete common tasks such as subdomain administration, mail setup, and database creation.

For insight in the functioning of your ColdFusion hosting solution, use SeeFusion, a specialized monitoring utility that lets administrators and developers see how the ColdFusion dedicated server processes requests in real time. pushes the envelope with its quality ColdFusion dedicated server hosting solutions has been offering reliable ColdFusion dedicated hosting solutions for more than a decade. Over 23,000 websites are currently hosted on’s dedicated servers, proving that customers know and love the uncompromised quality offered by Hostek. offers feature-packed ColdFusion dedicated hosting plans, and for a few dollars per month you can extend the capabilities of your ColdFusion dedicated server with add-ons that include cPanel, ReWrite modules, mail and stats utilities, and much more. Whether you need a Linux or a Windows environment, at you will find a state-of-the-art server infrastructure, operated by some of the most talented people in the hosting industry.

Visit or call 1-918-392-7870 to learn more about dedicated ColdFusion hosting solutions or to order a plan.

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