Speed Up Your Website Easily With A CDN

There are many ways to improve the performance of your website. For those who may not be as technical, but want their website to run faster this post is for you. While I appreciate complex caching and CDN options such as SquidVarnish and CloudFront they are usually too complicated for most people.

Speed up you website with Hostek

Introducing CloudFlare

I chose to feature CloudFlare because it’s easy to implement. The only major step other than setting up your CloudFlare account is to change your domains DNS. Don’t worry, changing your domains DNS isn’t hard and I’ve provided a link below to the exact steps. If you have custom DNS records (uncommon) you’ll need to be sure those are manually added to CloudFlare.

Steps to using CloudFlare as a CDN:

  1. Signup for a free account with CloudFlare – https://www.cloudflare.com/plans
  2. Add your website to CloudFlare, after you signup. Enter your domain name and click “Add Website”.
  3. Verify DNS Records. If you’re not sure if you have custom DNS records, you can continue with little fear of messing something up.
  4. Change your DNS. CloudFlare provides this excellent list of registrars with the exact steps to follow.
  5. (Optional) Configure Settings. There’s really nothing to do in most cases. If you have questions about any of the features available there’s handy descriptions by each. I would encourage you to use the default settings at first.

NOTE: Steps 2-4 will need to be followed for each domain you own, if you want to use CloudFlare.

Congrats! You’re using a CDN. Be sure to allow about 24hrs for DNS propagation.
It takes this time for the internet to learn you’re using CloudFlare.

Soon you’ll be enjoying the benefits of faster website load times!

References to CloudFlare in this post are NOT affiliate links – meaning we make no money on referrals. We’re suggesting CloudFlare because it’s easy to use and it works great for us.

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