Should You Trust Cheap VPS Hosting with Your Web Presence?

Your website and web applications are valuable assets. In part, this value comes from the fact that your web presence could be a sales channel, potentially processing orders for your products and services, and bringing in revenue. Even if you do not directly sell online, your website is a valuable marketing tool, a place for you to communicate with your existing customers and attract new leads.

In an attempt to maximize the value of a VPS (virtual private server) hosting service, many businesses search for cheap VPS hosting. After all, the less that a company pays on its hosting bill, the more revenue can be turned into profit, reinvested in the business, or taken home as a salary.

However, some cheap VPS hosting plans can cause lasting damage, not only to your income, but also to your reputation.

You take on a significant amount of risk when you choose a cheap VPS hosting service. Read on to learn why paying just a few dollars more for your hosting can significantly improve your chances of online success.

Cheap VPS hosting is made possible by lesser service quality

It is important to remember that your VPS hosting provider is subject to the same market forces that dicate how you do business. Just as you want to keep your costs low in order to maximize your profit, so does your host. This means that in a large number of cases, cheap VPS hosting providers invest less money in service quality.

One place where hosting providers can save money is within the data center. A data center is the foundation of every web hosting service, and without a secure, highly redundant, and well-connected network infrastructure, your entire VPS hosting service could fall apart at any given moment. Take the concept of redundancy as an example. A redundant network contains a number of devices that are not used on a day-to-day basis. Instead, these switches, nodes, and routers sit idly, and spring into action if a primary device fails.

The logic used by cheap VPS hosting companies is obvious: why pay to buy, maintain, and power hardware that is not critical to day-to-day operations? Unfortunately, customers who experience extensive downtime would agree that redundancy is nothing less than essential.

The same is true of the hardware servers that run VPS hosting accounts. Since each server is home to multiple virtual servers, nothing less than the best will do. But even with reliable, branded servers in place, it is still possible for a host to lower the cost of each VPS hosting plan through a technique known as overselling.

Overselling means offering VPS hosting plans that exceed the maximum capabilities of a server. Imagine slicing a pie so that everyone gets a piece. Promising five people a quarter of pie each is technically impossible, but it makes everybody feel like they are getting more for their money. Hosting providers who oversell their VPS hosting plans depend on the unlikelihood of every account using their full resource allocation at once.

Is this a risk that you can take with your business? Once performance demands begin to approach the capacity of the server, your exciting applications will be reduced to nothing more than a slow, unresponsive mess.

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