The #1 cost associated with best price hosting

The internet makes it easy to shop high and low for the best deals. You can find coupons and discounts all to help the cost go down. But at what price? Does getting the best price with your hosting mean you’ll suffer?

Let’s talk about the ways people search for hosting, and what questions they should really be asking before buying. There’s also a HUGE reason that price might indicate something.

Low Cost - Best Web & VPS Hosting

Distribution vs Amazing Products

We can probably all agree that McDonald’s doesn’t have the best hamburger – however they can distribute like no other. They get the products to their stores faster and more efficient and that keeps costs – and their prices low.

Again highly scientific distribution, very good pricing in some cases = lower value product.

Products in this case are “services” people expect from hosting providers. Which are usually:

  • Web Hosting or Virtual Private Hosting (aka cloud hosted servers)
  • Support for their Hosting environments
  • Strategic consulting or training about Hosting environment

It’s not hard to rely on these companies because they have become dependable, we know they will be open & cheap, and because of this we forget about quality.

The Total Cost of LOW COST = Quality

We can all appreciate low prices. When we pay less, it’s as if we are wasting less. Wasting less feels good, because it also means we get to keep more. That means we can use the money for other things – that’s awesome.

When you save money on hosting – like anything else there’s a victory associated with the hunt and kill. That also might mean you’re paying way less than your competitor. Maybe that gives you an advantage – winning you more business.

Saving money is good – but it’s even better when you’re saving it for an equally amazing product. That’s not often the case. Many have heard about the billions of dollars in value of Alibaba. They provide a platform for people to sell products, many of these products are knockoffs of the original.

These lower priced sellers, often selling fake products at much lower prices provide a fraction of the total value because the product isn’t as robust, high-quality and nice as the original.

Don’t settle for second best. Quality is the #1 cost associated with only price shopping a new host for your company. We suggest looking for a mixture of price and reputation which is a great formula for finding the best value web hosting.

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