Run your ColdFusion Applications with a Reputable ColdFusion Hosting Provider

With a vast set of services, enhanced tools, and advanced features, ColdFusion offers developers a faster and more effective way to rapidly build extremely rich and functional web applications. More and more website owners are finding ColdFusion to be a powerful tool for creating dynamic, interactive, and information-enriched websites. To learn more about what ColdFusion is and how you can benefit from ColdFusion hosting, read’s recently published article: Discover Easy Yet Powerful Development Capabilities with ColdFusion Hosting.

Enjoying enhanced ColdFusion performance with a reliable ColdFusion host

For personal website owners and online business entrepreneurs, ColdFusion web hosting can prove to be an efficient tool for building and managing websites. By using ColdFusion hosting services, you can make your website dynamic, interactive, dramatically increase runtime performance, and boost productivity. In order for that to happen, it is extremely important to select a reliable ColdFusion hosting company committed to delivering professional and high-quality ColdFusion hosting services.

But with so many hosting companies offering ColdFusion hosting services these days, how do you know which one is the right one for you? Well, there are certain features to look for when selecting a ColdFusion provider to host your ColdFusion websites.

Choosing the right ColdFusion hosting provider

Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a ColdFusion web hosting provider:

  1. First you need to see which version of ColdFusion server the provider is offering. The latest released version is ColdFusion 9 so you may want to find a ColdFusion host that fully supports Cold Fusion 9. If you use older applications that run on ColdFusion 8 or lower, you may want to go with a Cold Fusion hosting provider that offers the highest compatible version of ColdFusion with your scripts.
  2. The next thing you’ll want to check into is the quality of the Cold Fusion provider’s hosting server. Make sure you find out what type of hardware your site will be hosted on. Also, get specific numbers about the CPU, RAM, and hard drive configuration. For ColdFusion hosting, it is recommended that you put your website or applications on a server with a high allotment for server resource usage.
  3. In addition to server specifications, technical support is very important in ColdFusion hosting. Check with your host to see what type of support is available in case something goes wrong on the server or you need to request additional features such as DSN mappings, custom tags, indexes, and other ColdFusion hosting related features. Also, the ColdFusion host you choose should have 24/7 technical support and response times of less than 2 hours.

So keep these key points of ColdFusion hosting in mind when searching for a ColdFusion host that you can use to build ColdFusion websites and applications as your needs grow. This will ensure that your website is working smoothly and flawlessly for a long time to come. offers all the features you want in the best Cold Fusion hosting provider

With 23,000 sites that have put their trust in our ColdFusion hosting services, is a reputable ColdFusion host committed to offering you the finest ColdFusion hosting experience available. At, we fully support ColdFusion 9 Enterprise and we have ColdFusion 7 and ColdFusion 8 hosting available too. Our staff is highly knowledgeable in ColdFusion administration and our technical support is here for you 24/7 with an excellent response time, generally measured in minutes. Whether you need simple ColdFusion hosting for personal needs or advanced ColdFusion hosting for your business, has the best ColdFusion hosting plans to meet your needs.

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