Improving Website Speed [video]

We’ve blogged about CDN here, and optimizing web pages for improving website speed. Today we’re sharing a keynote from Maciej Ceglowski. He writes about web related topics and runs a site called Pinboard. In his video he talks about the ever increasing size of websites – “The Website Obesity Crisis”

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About Obese Websites - Improving Website Speed

Reducing Size & Improving Website Speed

His video in part describes problems customers often ask us about. They have a website built, or in the process of reviewing their performance on a third party site like Y-Slow or Pingdom Speed Test or Google’s Pagespeed Insights. They get a failing grade and ask..

What can we do to make improve our website speed?

We understand that there might be a considerable amount of work that needs to be done to minimize your page sizes for improving website speed. The good news is you don’t have to wait until you can afford these changes.

Things you can do right now are..


Let’s face it. Most websites, to get the speed where it’s “passing” takes a bit of work from the developer. You might not have the time to get that done right away. In the meantime you can use CloudFlare to help do some of the optimization – reducing the total size of your page delivered to visitors on the fly, thus Improving Website Speed!

This will give you ample opportunity to get your pages fixed, but immediate results and better page speed grades.

Improving Website Speed with Your Own Server

You can also make great strides towards better performance with an optimized server. We pre-optimize servers to run as fast as possible. That means we custom configure the required software for your VPS. This improves performance, stability and security.

You can take this a step further by having the ability to turn off services you don’t need or use which is an advantage over shared hosting.

If you’re not sure how to optimize your server for your site specifically we can help you. Whether you prefer Windows VPS or Linux VPS with cpanel has you covered. Schedule your appointment with a team member for a no hassle consultation.

We hope you enjoyed the video.

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