3 ways cPanel VPS allow you to do 10x more

Linux is by far the most widely used OS for web hosting. One time I heard a story about a Linux server that was left behind in new construction. It remained online for years, behind a wall and ran without trouble.

Can you ask for better reliability than that – years with no trouble? It’s possible with .. cPanel VPS

When you shop web-hosting setting up and managing your own web server can get 10 times (or more) complicated as you begin adding services like Apache, FTP and others. A cPanel VPS removes most (almost all) of this complexity for you.

You can read a bit more from our wiki about Automated Updates.

Hostek cPanel VPS - a combination of freedom and control

Read this first if you’re not familiar with cPanel VPS

cPanel is a control panel for managing all parts of a Linux server, specifically for web hosting needs. It allows you manage websites and services commonly needed by website owners. Services like FTP, MySQL DNS and more. All managed easily through a web browser instead of through manually editing configuration files.

With cPanel you don’t have to be a server guru to easily care for and manage a host of otherwise complicated separate services.

So if you’re shopping for cPanel VPS Hosting you need to read this.

A cPanel VPS can do lots, email, web, database and more better. Here’s how:

  1. Updates: There’s two types of updates that cPanel can handle for you. One that your hosting provider will have to manage for you – the kernel (or core of the operating system). cPanel however manages and allows for automatic updates of security patches related to the major parts of the operating system keeping it secure. The other part is services running such as PHP and Apache, it provides it’s own tested versions of updates. With the cPanel team producing these tested updates for system and services – you don’t have to be so worried that your server will break.
  2. Services You Need: If you need to get a web-server running there’s a good chance you’ll need FTP, Email, DNS and Database access. cPanel gives you these without having to learn something new and frustrating. Things like managing DNS become something you can configure in a web-browser. Adding a new database is easy. If you were to have to configure each of these by scratch – the installation alone would take 10 times as long. That doesn’t include securing each of these properly. You’re going to save HOURS of time – guaranteed.
  3. Advanced Items: Chances are you’ll also need to setup SSL and for email DKIM and SPF records. These more complicated areas are made easy, right inside the management areas of cPanel for domains. And if you want to tune or configure something specific for your applications re-configuring Apache, DNS or specific parts of these services can be done through WHM (the server management part) of cPanel – still very easy to use.

And more.. 

There’s other great features they provide also, like auto configuring popular applications like WordPress and Magento. The cPanel website  explains some of this.

If your interested in WordPress, we have quite a comprehensive guide in our wiki.

I would highly consider getting your own cPanel VPS to try it out. If you are a web development firm, you can easily stay competitive with other firms offering hosting services by having your own cPanel server.

The icing on the cake

What can give you 20 or 30x the value that having a cPanel VPS alone can provide ns a support team for your server that understands hosting. Hostek had been providing hosting for over 17 years so if your trying to decide what type of Cloud Server, VPS Server or Dedicated Server for hosting – consider this. Managed servers is one thing, but a support team that understands hosting can be a force multiplier.

What else we do that makes a HUGE difference

There’s more that we do, that complement the hosting parts like Backups, and monitoring your server for you. This is all included in the Hostek managed VPS Hosting plans and we’re glad to talk  to you about that too.

Let us help you with your cPanel VPS Hosting today. If you need consulting to see if a cPanel VPS is a good fit for your company schedule a no-hassle consultation here.