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Since the platform was first launched in 1995, ColdFusion web hosting has grown to become an indispensable tool for web developers. Using the streamlined, accessible ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), developers can build their own database-driven applications to provide visitors with unrivaled interactivity. ColdFusion makes it possible for webmasters to offer visitors a rich, engaging experience that encourages interactivity, with interactive features ranging from user-driven content to ecommerce.

In its 17-year history, ColdFusion has been continually refined and expanded to meet the ever-changing demands of developers. Most recently, Adobe launched the much-anticipated tenth version of the platform, with new features to support the most recent developments in web services; new software, such as Adobe Air; and the increased adoption of HTML5.

In line with the company’s reputation for supporting the latest developer software, has recently launched a range of ColdFusion 10 web hosting plans. This makes one of the first major web hosting providers to offer the latest version of ColdFusion.

The benefits of ColdFusion 10 web hosting

The necessity of having highly interactive web content is becoming increasingly clear for every kind of business. From content management systems (CMS) to forums, online games, and ecommerce, almost every web presence now makes use of database-driven software to offer visitors an engaging experience. By engaging visitors more deeply with the content of a website, webmasters can encourage regular visits from potential customers and find more opportunities to convert them into sales.

ColdFusion 10 hosting enables webmasters to run dynamic web applications that take advantage of the latest platform features, while allowing developers to create their next project in a ColdFusion 10 environment. In addition to general improvements to the reliability and stability of the ColdFusion parser, the new features of ColdFusion 10 are designed to support the latest trends in web application design.

One of the most anticipated features of ColdFusion 10 web hosting is the integration of HTML5 functionality. HTML5 is the latest iteration of this core Internet technology, designed to use more specific tags to allow for more precise design. In addition, HTML5 introduces new APIs for integrated JavaScript, giving developers the ability to use features such as document editing and drag-and-drop in their latest projects. ColdFusion 10 hosting recognizes, understands, and supports HTML5 with no additional software required.

What’s more, ColdFusion 10 introduces object-relational mapping. Using object-relational mapping, developers can build applications that, while remaining interactive and dynamic, do not depend on database access for functionality. This not only gives developers more flexibility, but also reduces the risk of application failure as the result of database downtime.

Using a ColdFusion 10 hosting plan, web developers can set even more ambitious goals for their applications, and find new ways to attract and engage visitors.

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Providing ColdFusion hosting services since 2002, remains committed to supporting developers with the latest releases. Recently, offered customers ColdFusion 10 Beta hosting to help them get a head start with development using the latest features. Now, runs ColdFusion 10 on every Windows ColdFusion shared hosting plan for new and existing customers alike. provides a wide range of ColdFusion hosting services, including shared hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), and dedicated server solutions. Every plan is deployed with ColdFusion 10 and comes complete with high-availability cloud disk space, guaranteeing uptime of at least 99.99%. In addition, ColdFusion 10 hosting includes MS SQL and MySQL databases to support your application development.

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