How Migrated Six Dedicated Servers for UniformMarket to Improve Reliability and Performance

For any business or individual who runs their own web presence, the most important goal of all is meeting the needs of your visitors. After all, it is your website visitors who are the lifeblood of your business, whether they generate sales or just enjoy your content. When the bulk of your audience is made up of other companies with their own service obligations to meet or products to sell, the obligation to keep your dedicated server hosting plan online and available is even more pronounced.

As the CEO of UniformMarket, Dave Sykes understands the frustration that an unreliable hosting plan can cause. UniformMarket offers a range of ecommerce products designed for the uniform industry, giving resellers the chance to quickly and easily establish online stores. An important part of the firm’s service line is the Uniform Dealer Pro package, which includes web hosting as standard. However, when UniformMarket’s previous dedicated server hosting provider suffered slow page loading times and unpredictable downtime, Sykes found himself supplying his customers with hosting that did not meet his own high standards.

In our latest Customer Success Story, learn how’s reputation for reliability and service quality was the answer that UniformMarket had been looking for in terms of a web hosting provider. You will also learn the potential complications of migrating all six of UniformMarket’s dedicated server plans – and how addressed each of these migrations professionally and efficiently.

Migrating dedicated ColdFusion servers alongside MS SQL and SmarterMail

When Sykes began his search for a new dedicated server hosting service, he had a clear idea of his goals and the criteria that his plan should meet. Not only did he need a dedicated server plan that could perform quickly and remain reliable, but he also set out to get this service at a lower price than that of his previous host. By reducing hosting costs, UniformMarket could invest more money in other areas of the business, including expanding its service range to include more advanced features. was able to guarantee an impressive 99.99% uptime, deploying every dedicated server hosting service on top-quality, branded server hardware. Sykes was surprised to find that could offer the servers he needed at a lower price point than offered by his previous web hosting provider.

However, finding the right dedicated server plan gave Sykes and UniformMarket new concerns – would it be possible to move three ColdFusion dedicated servers, two MS SQL database servers, and a dedicated SmarterMail server without causing significant downtime?

In the UniformMarket Customer Success Story available now at, you will learn how’s years of experience and technical expertise made the transition for UniformMarket quick and painless. You will learn how it was possible to migrate all of the UniformMarket servers without causing unnecessary downtime or inconvenience to the firm’s uniform reseller customers. In addition, Sykes explains how satisfied he was with the entire process, along with the impressive results that dedicated ColdFusion servers have given his business.

Professional dedicated server hosting services with expert support from

In addition to being able to supply the best quality dedicated server hosting plans for consistent performance and unrivalled reliability, understands the unique needs of businesses and works to get to know every customer. As a result, when UniformMarket needed large-scale migration, took the time to listen to the company’s requirements and implement a robust and dependable plan of action. currently provides a wide range of web hosting services, including shared web hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting solutions. The web hosting provider also offers hosting tailored to the individual needs of web developers and businesses, including ColdFusion dedicated server hosting with MS SQL and SmarterMail functionality as required. Whichever plan you choose, you can be confident of our 99.99% network uptime, with 24/7/365 customer support, and a 30-day money-back promise.

To learn more about how helped UniformMarket, or to explore the full service range, visit or call 918-392-7870 today.


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