How Made Studio Tran Photographers’ ColdFusion VPS Migration Worry-Free

The process of migrating a server from one hosting provider to another can be stressful. Most businesses depend on their websites as key marketing channels, not to mention a source of sales revenue and leads. With the risk of downtime inherent in any migration, it is no surprise that some businesses are reluctant to make the leap to a new hosting provider.

Migrating a server from one hosting provider to another

For Corine Tran, Photographer, Editor, and Owner at Studio Tran Photographers, persistent website and email downtime made finding a new hosting provider essential. Remaining with the same company was costing Studio Tran Photographers money and potential sales every time their hosting company failed to deliver.

But who could be trusted to handle the migration to a new provider and maintain quality of service throughout the switch?

Read’s latest Customer Success Story to learn how an unreliable ColdFusion virtual server (VPS hosting) affected Studio Tran Photographers’ ability to attract new business and give existing clients the service they needed. You will also learn how’s organized and practical approach to migration eliminated the stress of transferring data, thanks to an accountable and responsible staff.

Who is responsible for migrating your mission-critical data?

A unique feature of Studio Tran Photographers’ website is a regularly updated blog that showcases photos from recent weddings, engagements, and other events. Customers are excited to see their memories online, while new visitors get a glimpse of Studio Tran Photographers’ stunning work.

In addition, the Studio Tran Photographers website includes a secure area where existing customers can view and download images taken at their events. Both of these features are powered by ColdFusion, in conjunction with a MySQL database full of irreplaceable data.

By reading the new Studio Tran Photographers Customer Success Story, you will learn how deployed a single migration expert to move a staggering 12GB of data. One individual was fully responsible for managing the migration process, and as a result, Corine Tran and her web developer had a consistent point of contact who was fully briefed on the Studio Tran Photographers project.

Corine Tran also shares her thoughts on the importance of reliable VPS hosting services, and how her new plan delivers the performance Studio Tran Photographers needs with an impressive 99.999% network uptime. From migration to day-to-day business, Tran receives outstanding customer service and technical support, allowing her to grow the business with confidence.

Read the new success story from now to learn more about the importance of organized and accurate migration, and how this sets the foundation for dependable hosting services in the future.

Migrating your ColdFusion VPS hosting plan to

If your current web hosting provider does not deliver the quality of service you need, do not let the potential complexity of migration stop you from finding a better solution. With extensive experience in the industry and a commitment to protecting your data and reputation, can make your migration seamless.

When you order any hosting service from, you will be assigned a committed support specialist with expertise in the type of hosting you need. We take care to find the best employee for your project from our valued team of engineers. With just one person responsible for your migration, you will always know where to get the help, advice, or updates you require.

Of course,’s focus on customer service continues long after your migration is complete, with 24/7/365 technical support available to every customer.

Learn more about the migration process and how the team helped Studio Tran Photographers.

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