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Virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting) continues to grow into one of the most popular web hosting services available. More and more businesses are taking advantage of the control and dependability of an entry-level dedicated server, for a price closer to that of shared hosting. VPS hosting makes it possible for businesses to enjoy power, control, and flexibility, while ensuring that their hosting service – and its price – scales appropriately for their requirements. is an experienced provider of VPS hosting services and provides customers worldwide with the VPS hosting they require to create a responsive, reliable, and profitable web presence. Read on to find out how adds value to every VPS hosting plan with features specific to our VPS hosting lineup.

VPS hosting using VMware virtualization

VPS hosting depends on a technology known as virtualization. Virtualization effectively divides a dedicated server into a number of smaller virtual machines, each with its own unique configuration. A virtualization hypervisor runs in the background of the server, deploying each virtual machine and establishing its settings.

A wide range of available virtualization systems are capable of basic VPS hosting. However, has invested resources to find the most appropriate solution for our hosting infrastructure and the demands of our customers. This solution is VMware.

VMware is a virtualization platform used by more than 190,000 customers worldwide to create and manage virtual machines. Its feature set has a lot in common with other solutions, but, distinctively, VMware operates with a much smaller footprint than competing products. As a result, VPS hosting powered by VMware offers the features customers expect, without becoming a significant drain on hardware resources. This allows a hosting provider to use more of the dedicated server for customer accounts, and less of the server to run the platform. For end-users, this means lower costs and improved performance.

VPS hosting with burstable bandwidth

VPS hosting is often used by businesses in the growth stage. Customers commonly select a VPS hosting plan when shared web hosting no longer meets their fixed system resource needs, but dedicated server hosting is not yet required. As a website becomes more popular and the type of content it offers changes, it can be incredibly difficult to estimate bandwidth usage.

To help, offers burstable bandwidth on every VPS hosting plan. This means that in addition to the standard bandwidth allowance available, it is possible for customers to exceed their bandwidth for a short period of time. This provides additional protection against unexpected traffic spikes that would usually result in compromised performance or service outage.

In other words, burstable bandwidth helps keep your VPS hosting plan online more consistently.

VPS hosting on a cloud-based infrastructure

Working alongside burstable bandwidth, also provides a cloud-based infrastructure for all VPS hosting services, improving availability even further.

Cloud hosting refers to any platform where system resources such as disk space come from multiple hardware servers, or nodes. The distributed nature of cloud hosting means that if one server becomes unavailable, other servers can step in to maintain service. It is this cloud-based infrastructure that allows to offer a 99.999% network uptime guarantee on all VPS hosting services.

In addition, cloud VPS hosting makes it easier to increase your resource allocations as your website grows and your demands change.

Order VPS hosting from

With our extensive experience in VPS hosting technology, has made a number of intelligent decisions designed to offer customers the best possible service.

Customers can currently choose from a range of VPS hosting plans, including Windows VPS hosting, Linux VPS hosting, and specialty services, such as Railo and ColdFusion VPS hosting. These plans all come complete with 3mbps burstable bandwidth, as well as generous allocations of cloud disk space, CPU power, and RAM. also offers a range of server management options to reduce your administration time, in addition to nightly offsite backups and 24/7/365 technical support.

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