Brush Up On Your ColdFusion Programming Skills Fast!

We all have the habit of leaning heavily on Google. I’ve heard from friends how their IT team only uses Google to solve problems. I want to pretend that’s not me.

ColdFusion Programming - Tips, Tools, Links Training and Best Hosting for ColdFusion

Learning ColdFusion programming is for anyone.

Solving problems for others (where I started) is one way to start learning about code. As I expressed earlier in a post about Adobe ColdFusion, I’m no developer. When I was first learning  ColdFusion Programming, here’s a few things that helped me learn faster.

  1. Solving problems for people. As a ColdFusion Support specialists we encountered real world errors, problems and questions. The hands on experience was phenomenal. At Hostek when we find and resolve a problem, we document it in our Support wiki. This is a great resource for our ColdFusion Hosting or ColdFusion VPS customers.
  2. Find a small niche solution, figure out how to make it easy for anyone & create the steps. Before Adobe ColdFusion had built in captcha I wrote about using reCaptcha for cfmail Forms.
  3. Build something specific. Search high and low you’ll find someone willing to let you have a crack at creating something they need. I created a tool to measure MySQL performance, created an app to sync a member list with a mailing platform. Built a site in Mura for my neighborhood.

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Since you’re either a CF Developer already, or interested in learning more. Here’s a list of links to sites and books for reading or subscribing to & training that we highly recommend. These are the best of the best.

I’m sure we’ve left something or someone out, so if you have something to add reply to the twitter post on this article.

Just starting to learn ColdFusion Programming – START HERE

i.e. Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee Server

For in depth, hands on & more complex topics – START HERE

  • CF WACK (Web Application Construction Kit)
  • Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion
  • ColdFusion UI The Right Way:
  • Fig Leaf ColdFusion Training:
    • Fast Track to ColdFusion:
    • Administering ColdFusion:

Other Recommended Reading

What’s next?

If you’re interested in Performance Tuning Adobe ColdFusion, we’ll release a DYI guide in the next post. And if you’re wondering why we haven’t discussed Lucee Server. I’ll be blogging about the difference between ColdFusion and Lucee and why I became a Certified Railo Administrator.

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