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Even since the very beginning of my employee training at Hostek I’ve come to appreciate areas where we are consistent. Today by working with customers that have various needs I’ll interact with a gamut of departments within Hostek. Together we build the perfect solution for them and do our best to provide great hosting support from the start.

On average 40% of potential new clients I work with specifically ask about how hosting support is handled and a large portion of these are asking because they received bad hosting support from their previous host. The good news is that some are asking just to be sure they will receive support.

Recently a new customer asked me about our Hosting Support

“Is the hosting support really as good as you say it is, or is this just part of your sales pitch?”

My answer:

“I started at Hostek in the support department, and honestly can tell you our support is consistent.”

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Real Customer Testimonials

With that said I will admit we are not perfect and if we experience any unfortunate incident that affected a group of customers, response times can be extended. However even during those times it’s with great integrity that we handle each question as quickly and effectively as possible – our top priority as a company is to provide our customers with the best hosting experience ever.

What this means to me and others that depend on 24/7 service is that when there is trouble help we will be there and also be a dependable and knowledgable resource. For example, many companies who approach us with their project will have a top notch team of their own but trust us with all their Hardware and Software configuration, including all the important stuff like security and optimization. They may also be depending upon our breadth of experience specifically with Hosting large scale ColdFusion, .NET or PHP applications or how to further optimize their environment for a special purpose. We’re glad we can help.

Our hosting support services extend beyond the simple break fix customer service. We can help with the complex questions like:

  • How can we scale our application when subscriptions reach 100,000?
  • How can we improve the performance of our SQL Server?
  • We have three load balanced servers co-located can you help migrate & consolidate?
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Customer Service Extends to Finding Solutions

In many cases these questions will get routed to a team member who can share their project details with the appropriate department and get answers or develop a solution. In addition to this full-service approach to helping customers we believe that speed is essential to providing new and existing customers with “the best hosting experience” as we promised. In general our average response time is 20 minutes (no lie). For more complex issues you’ll be likely to get an answer right away setting the expectation for when you can expect to receive a response with the full solution.

It’s not our goal to “let you figure it out” and will never be. We believe customer service is everything and will stay true to our commitment. You can read more about our Core Story here and why our CEO continues to lead us in offering the best service customers have ever had.


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