Give Your Visitors an Incredible Experience with ASP.NET Hosting

Why are visitors going to come to your website? This question sounds far easier to answer than it really is. For the majority of businesses, the answer is that visitors check your website for information. The Internet is the first place potential customers will go to learn more about a particular product or compare alternatives. Alternatively, some webmasters hope that customers will come to their websites to make a purchase. But information gathering and sales are not the only reasons people will visit your website.

Customers typically visit a website for an interactive experience. The Internet is about communication, not a one-way pitch you deliver to your prospects. There are numerous ways interested parties could get in touch with you – they choose the Internet because they want something that is fast, easy to use, and interactive.

Microsoft ASP.NET is a development platform that allows you to create advanced web applications that visitors love to use. From shopping carts, to games, and social communities, ASP.NET hosting is the foundation of the most attractive content on the Web – the type of content that draws in visitors, encourages word-of-mouth marketing, and ultimately drives sales.

Create database-driven applications with ASP.NET hosting services

If information is the most important commodity on the Internet, databases are the vaults where this vital asset is stored. Modern databases use a relational system, allowing different tables of data to be linked with each other. Since relational databases understand the way data is organized, it can be easily added to, manipulated, and retrieved.

All web development platforms require databases. The two most popular types of databases are Microsoft MS SQL and MySQL, an open source alternative. ASP.NET hosting plans are fully compatible with each type of database and feature automated functions for working with data.

With a reliable database and the processing functionality of ASP.NET, you can handle your static data in new and unusual ways. Why simply display a long list of your products when you can let customers filter by color, style, size, or features? In fact, why settle for displaying information when customers can create their own lists of favorite products to share with friends and family?

ASP.NET hosting helps you build more reliable applications

The Internet encourages ambition, and the most innovative applications are usually the ones that draw attention and attract customers. Of course, the more advanced a system is, the more difficulty a server might have in handling the demands of processing.

Being a Microsoft product, ASP.NET hosting is rigorously bug-tested and checked, helping to make the core platform incredibly stable, even under pressure. ASP.NET also includes features designed to help you maintain performance, including caching for the most commonly accessed pages.

If you are to create a successful online arm of your business – or an enterprise that is entirely on the Internet – giving customers a rich and engaging experience is the most important thing you can do. ASP.NET not only makes this easier than ever before, but it is also reliable enough to give each visitor a consistently good experience.

Create a dynamic web presence with ASP.NET hosting services from has supported variants of ASP for many years, building the experience it takes to offer the best ASP.NET hosting plans. From shared web hosting to an ASP.NET dedicated server, guarantees that each service is optimized for exceptional performance with ASP.NET.

Every ASP.NET hosting plan from includes MS SQL and MySQL databases, and the system resources that are essential to good performance, including plenty of disk space and bandwidth. Hosting is also stored on an innovative cloud disk space system, offering high availability and a 99.99% network uptime guarantee.

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