Why is ASP.NET Hosting a Leading Choice for Web Developers?

Ten years after the ASP.NET framework was first launched, Microsoft ASP.NET continues to thrive as one of the world’s leading web development platforms. From social networks to job sites, numerous web developers continue to select ASP.NET hosting to create and maintain an interactive, engaging web experience. But why is this?

Perhaps it is nothing more than the power of Microsoft promotion. After all, the launch of ASP.NET had a far bigger marketing push than any open source framework. However, so many years later, ASP.NET remains popular. This is likely the result of its seamless integration with Microsoft Windows hosting, and the ease with which it can be used. ASP.NET continues to be a popular choice for web developers because it is, above all else, the ideal choice for creating powerful, dynamic websites.

To help you make an informed decision before you start the development lifecycle of your web application, Hostek.com has published a new article, Four Reasons to Choose ASP.NET Hosting for Your Dynamic Web Applications. In the article, you will learn how ASP.NET lowers the entry point to web development and draws on existing knowledge to speed up the process. You will also discover how the features of ASP.NET hosting make building your website easier than ever before.

ASP.NET hosting is powerful and flexible

One thing is undeniable: ASP.NET is extremely fast. When code is run on your Windows hosting server, the ASP.NET platform compiles the code and turns it into a DLL runtime. Once this file is created, it can be used again and again for each individual request, without the need to recompile from the source. Over time, this means your visitors get the content they need at the fastest speeds possible.

In the new article from Hostek.com, you will learn how ASP.NET hosting helps keep your application responsive, even at times of high traffic. The article discusses the core features of ASP.NET that automate common tasks, giving you the most efficient code right out of the box. You will also learn how choosing a proprietary platform with the support of Microsoft leads to a faster and more reliable application.

In addition to power, ASP.NET hosting offers unrivaled flexibility. In the new article, Hostek.com explains how ASP.NET works with any common language infrastructure (CLI), including Visual Basic (VB.NET) and C#. Whatever experience you already have in programming and development, you can transfer these skills to ASP.NET to get up and running sooner.

ASP.NET is powerful, flexible, and dependable. That is why it continues to be an outstanding hosting choice for novice web developers and masters alike.

Professional ASP.NET hosting plans from Hostek.com

Although Microsoft ASP.NET is an excellent choice for developers, it requires the right environment in order to function and perform properly. With years of experience in Windows hosting and ASP.NET hosting specifically, Hostek.com has designed the ideal web hosting services to meet the demands of ASP.NET developers.

Customers can select from shared ASP.NET hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and dedicated server solutions. Each of these services comes complete with both the ASP.NET framework and support for traditional ASP. In addition, Hostek.com ASP.NET hosting services include the MySQL and MS SQL databases you will need to form the backbone of your new website or application.

For easy, yet powerful account administration, Hostek.com has developed a custom Windows hosting control panel, giving you instant access to the various features of your web hosting plan. You can even work with your website on the move, with the Hostek.com iPhone application.

Hostek.com ASP.NET hosting also features 24/7/365 technical support and a 99.99% uptime service level agreement.

To learn more about ASP.NET hosting services from Hostek.com, call 918-392-7870 or visit hostek.com now.


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