Getting Familiar with Your Windows Hosting Control Panel

If you already use any Windows hosting service or are looking for a new Windows hosting plan, choosing an efficient, flexible Windows hosting control panel should be a major part of your decision-making process. Windows hosting offers a range of exclusive features that cannot be found on Linux hosting services, including the Microsoft ASP.NET and ASP development platforms, as well as the MS SQL relational database system. However, if you do not have easy access to these features through a streamlined, browser-based control panel, it can be impossible to use your Windows hosting service to its full potential. provides every Windows hosting plan user with a custom control panel, developed specifically for the features offers. The custom Windows Control Panel, or WCP, is a secure tool for working with mailboxes and domains, uploading files, installing scripts, and accessing vital Windows hosting settings.

In a recently published article, Getting the Most out of your Windows Hosting Control Panel, explains the five core features of the WCP to help you get started with your Windows hosting immediately. The article also discusses how easy it is to get advice on any of the Windows hosting control panel features using a built-in, context-sensitive help system. By reading the article, you will learn how to navigate the control panel effectively and you will learn about the capabilities of this unique and highly tailored system.

Why offers a custom control panel for Windows hosting

Making the decision to develop a Windows hosting control panel from the ground-up is not something that most Windows hosting providers would consider. In addition to requiring specific development expertise and a deep understanding of how Windows hosting services work, building a specialized control panel requires a significant investment of time and money. However, understands that an efficient, time-saving control panel is exactly what Windows hosting plan customers need to grow their web presence effectively.

In the Windows hosting control panel article, explores the essential features that are immediately visible after logging in to the control panel, explaining how the tasks you need to complete on a regular basis are all just a few clicks away. With an intelligent design that puts complete power at your fingertips, the Windows hosting control panel has the potential to save you countless hours of work every single week.

In addition,’s latest article draws attention to some of the most useful features that many Windows hosting providers keep hidden underneath nested menus and sub-menus. By reading the article, you will learn more about how the WCP can be used to monitor your Windows hosting plan usage, track your website visitors, and work with MySQL and MS SQL databases.

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With a longstanding reputation for delivering top-quality Windows hosting services, remains committed to delivering the best Windows hosting plans possible. The custom Windows hosting control panel represents the company’s mission to create an entirely self-contained hosting solution where users can configure their websites using tools specifically designed for services. Even better, the WCP is offered completely free of charge, reducing your expenditure on costly hosting control panel licenses. currently provides a number of Windows hosting services, including specialty hosting such as Microsoft ASP.NET hosting and ColdFusion hosting plans. Each of these Windows hosting solutions includes disk space hosted on’s high-availability cloud infrastructure, as well as a 99.99% network uptime guarantee.

If you find that you need any additional help using your Windows hosting service or Windows hosting control panel, also includes 24/7/365 customer support with every plan.

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