Get the Best Linux VPS Hosting Plans at Prices you Can Afford

For many small to mid-sized businesses, or web professionals who outgrow their current web hosting plans, virtual private server (VPS) hosting has emerged as a solution that combines the affordability of entry level shared plans with the performance of a dedicated server. But navigating the multitude of VPS plans available on the market can be a difficult task even for a savvy web master. Fortunately, one option stands out as the optimal combination of performance, reliability, and low costs – Linux virtual private server hosting plans.

Once you decide that you want to host your website or web application on a Linux VPS web host, it is important to know the differences between the hosting plans offered by various Linux VPS web hosting providers. In’s recently published article, What to Look for when Choosing a Linux Virtual Private Server Hosting Plan, learn the essential factors that influence the overall quality of a Linux virtual private server hosting plan. Additionally, the article discusses the importance of a proper Linux distribution and the administration capabilities included in the plan. You will also learn the importance of customer support, a service that you should not overlook even if you are confident of your web administration skills.

Select a Linux VPS hosting solution powered by an enterprise level Linux distribution and solid administration tools

With Linux VPS web hosting, it’s important to know what particular Linux distribution will be installed on your virtual private server. There are numerous Linux versions available, differing in terms of capabilities and design. Ideally, you should consider a Linux VPS hosting solution that provides an enterprise Linux distribution such as CentOS. The open source CentOS operating system is based on the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, and it receives regular free security updates, so you can be sure it is stable and secure.

In the past, the Linux operating system was considered to be difficult to work with, only accessible to the professionals who mastered dozens of command-line functions. On the other hand, the command-line functions allow for a deep interaction with the machine, and give administrators full control over the way a virtual private server works. By choosing a Linux virtual private server hosting plan from, you will have round the clock SSH (secure shell) access to your Linux VPS, so you will be able to supervise it easily and effectively.

By adding the cPanel control panel to your Linux VPS web hosting plan, you will receive all the power of the command-line interaction model, without the hassle of memorizing and using numerous text commands. cPanel is a sleek, easy-to-use graphical interface that makes virtual private server administration accessible to everyone. With just a few clicks in cPanel’s user-friendly interface, you can set up a sub-domain, create email accounts, get FTP access to your files, and much more.

Get quality Linux VPS web hosting solutions with non-stop support from’s team of highly trained professionals

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a team of technical experts and customer support professionals is prepared to help you solve any issue related to your Linux VPS web hosting plan. In the age of an always-on Internet presence, when a minor misstep can damage your business reputation, understands the importance of a web hosting service that works as expected, every single minute.

The secure and reliable CentOS Linux operating system, combined with adequate hardware resources, allows your web application work without a glitch, day after day. Fine-tune your Linux VPS hosting solution to fit your needs by adding cPanel, a feature-packed administration tool which is both easy to use and powerful. At, you get the best Linux VPS hosting plans, complete with unlimited domains, free server reboots, and a 30 day guarantee for your complete satisfaction.

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