Four Reasons You Should Choose a Linux VPS Hosting Plan from

Virtual private server (VPS) technology provides savvy web masters and developers with a robust web hosting solution, which combines the performance of a dedicated server plan with the affordability of a shared hosting service.

Web professionals know how important it is to host a website on a server that is properly configured and administered. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a VPS hosting plan is the operating system used to run the virtual private server. Windows Server from Microsoft, and the open source Linux, are the two most used web host operating systems, running on the majority of the world’s servers. In order to make an educated decision between the two operating systems, a developer or web master should consider numerous aspects, including performance, reliability, and the initial and ongoing investment. Many web professionals prefer to use Linux on their hosting servers for a number of reasons. Let’s examine the advantages of using a Linux VPS web hosting service.

Linux virtual private server hosting offers reliability and security at a reasonable price

For the clients that want to take advantage of the power and reliability of a Linux VPS web host, offers Linux virtual private server hosting services at affordable prices. Here are the top four reasons you should choose a Linux VPS hosting plan from

1. Affordability – Since Linux is open source software, Linux VPS hosting providers don’t need to pay any licensing fees for the operating system that runs on their machines. In turn, the licensing economy brings down the prices for customers, meaning that Linux virtual private server hosting plans are significantly cheaper than similar plans that use Windows Server as an OS.

2. Reliability and Stability – Linux virtual private servers are well known for their stability and reliability. Even if the latest versions of Windows Server have become increasingly reliable, Linux is still the most robust server operating system. provides the best Linux VPS web hosting solutions to guarantee that your VPS will stay online for months, without the need to reboot.

3. Security – With news about attacks on high profile services surfacing almost every day, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your web application or website is protected from external threats and operating in a safe environment. When compared to Windows, Linux has fewer vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, making Linux virtual private server hosting plans the ideal solution for security conscious web masters and administrators.

4. Open Source – Enjoy the advantages offered by the thriving open source ecosystem with a Linux VPS web host. Popular open source applications such as WordPress and Joomla were designed from the ground up to work on Linux, and they will only work at their full potential with a Linux VPS web hosting service. You can even make customizations to the Linux source code and adapt it to your own specifications.

Get the best Linux VPS web hosting services from

With years of experience in web hosting, is a Linux VPS hosting specialist offering top-notch hosting services at reasonable prices. The Linux virtual private server hosting services provided by are supported by a highly-availabile infrastructure, with generous allocations of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. The hardware resources are complemented by a powerful enterprise-level Linux distribution – CentOS 5.5 running on 64 bits.

By purchasing a Linux VPS hosting plan from, you receive an unlimited amount of domains, so you can host as many sites as you like on your virtual private server. To facilitate the management of your Linux VPS, offers SSH/Telnet access, 24-hour customer support and optionally, the fully-featured cPanel control panel.

Visit today to learn more about Linux VPS hosting services or to order a reliable and affordable hosting plan.

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