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With an ever-growing number of websites falling under the attacks of hackers, security is a major concern for any webmaster. Despite millions being spent on security solutions and the fight against cybercrime, web administrators and developers are still facing the menacing perspective of losing private data to hackers or worse, losing control over the web application itself.

Best programming practices call for developers and software architects to design and write code that has built-in protection against malware and outside intrusion. However, as real life shows us, secure coding is not always enough to protect a website or web application from malicious activities. explores the issue of secure ColdFusion dedicated hosting in a recently published article called Ensure a Secure Environment for your ColdFusion Web Application.

In addition to a solid code base, it is recommended to use the services of a reputable ColdFusion dedicated server hosting provider that uses solid hardware and software protection systems.

Protect your ColdFusion project from threats with solid coding and quality dedicated hosting

In the article, you can read about some of the most common types of attacks and vulnerabilities, such as SQL injections, packet sniffing, denial of service attacks, and others. The article classifies the vulnerabilities of the applications hosted on ColdFusion dedicated servers in two main categories. The first group of problems is generated by poor coding practices and can be addressed by improving the quality of the programming.

The second category includes the vulnerabilities that appear due to problems with various components of the ColdFusion dedicated host, from the operating system and installed software, to improper configurations, outdated security patches, and lack of dedicated protection measures. To minimize the potential liabilities that can occur as a result of subpar ColdFusion hosting, the article advises readers to opt for a reliable and proven ColdFusion dedicated hosting service provider.

Most cheap ColdFusion hosting providers lack the financial resources to acquire the hardware and software solutions that protect dedicated servers from attacks such as distributed denial of service (DDoS). As a result, the security of your ColdFusion hosting solution may be compromised from day one.’s ColdFusion dedicated servers are protected with high-grade intrusion prevention solutions

To properly defend a ColdFusion dedicated host from spyware, trojans, and hacking attempts, your provider should be equipped with heavy-duty security appliances called intrusion prevention systems (IPS). IPS are much more than simple firewalls.’s Top Layer Mitigator 5500 IPS actively monitors the server network and quickly respond to any potential threat by denying access to the attacker.

Clients that choose the dedicated ColdFusion hosting from benefit from superior protection against many types of attacks and malware, from DOS attacks and distributed DOS attacks to spyware and botnets. To ensure the proper functioning of the automated attack deterring systems and to take decisive actions when required, the team of network administrators from is on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Your search for a reliable, solid ColdFusion 9 dedicated hosting solution starts and ends with Thousands of satisfied clients are proof of the quality of the dedicated hosting services offered by For those who want the peace of mind that comes with quality, secured hosting, offers several dedicated ColdFusion hosting plans, with plenty of features and configuration options.’s dedicated ColdFusion servers are the ideal solution for companies that require an uncompromised level of data safety and protection from intrusion. The servers maintained by have all the security patches applied and are protected by professional antivirus systems and top-notch intrusion prevention systems from Top Layer.

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