Discover Why Evantec Selected for VPS Hosting That Delivers

Businesses should demand outstanding technology when it comes to having their websites and applications run on a virtual private server (VPS hosting) plan. Allocated hardware resources, enhanced data security, and stable, consistent performance are all important factors most business owners need in order to maintain a great online service for their customers. But along with the technical features, businesses need a VPS hosting provider they can trust to deliver on its promises of excellent customer service and support.

Alexandra N. Ryan, Vice President of Change and Learning at Evantec, depends on the company’s website to serve e-learning to corporations, including learning portals and a range of learning management services. Another division of the company, Evantec Lab Supply, also has a website that runs on VPS hosting to showcase its variety of laboratory consumables. Before discovering, Evantec chose a VPS hosting company that rarely did what it needed to do to keep these websites online.

In’s latest Customer Success Story, learn how Evantec was continually let down by an unresponsive hosting provider and was eventually forced to find a new provider fast. You will also learn how supported Evantec by providing excellent services at an affordable price, and assisted with the complex process of migrating the company’s data.

Giving Evantec a VPS hosting plan with dependable service and support

Some aspects of a VPS hosting service are easy to check thoroughly as soon as your virtual server is online. Most technical features, including software applications, root access, and hardware resource allowances, can be tested to ensure that your hosting provider is giving you everything that you need. However, technical support and assistance is difficult to measure in the short term. For Evantec, the company’s former VPS hosting provider promised excellent service but failed to deliver repeatedly.

The new Evantec Customer Success Story from describes how the potential complexity of a migration made Ryan and her team reluctant to find a new VPS hosting provider. It was only when Evantec’s former hosting provider went out of business that the company was left with less than a month to find a new hosting company they could trust.

Ryan also shares the way took a proactive approach to technical support, assisting Evantec before, during, and after the migration. made regular calls to the Evantec team, checking that everything was on track for a successful switch. Now, with their new VPS hosting plan online, continues to give Evantec the 24/7/365 support the company requires.

Read the new success story from now to discover the importance of customer service to a company like Evantec, and how enables Ryan and her Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to focus on other areas of their work.

Reliable VPS hosting services from

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Every VPS web hosting plan comes with 24/7/365 technical support and free migration assistance to help you make the transition to a more reliable and responsive hosting provider.

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