Control Your Windows Hosting Service with Your Choice of PHP Version

As one of the most fundamental tools used by almost every web developer or webmaster in some capacity, PHP is an incredibly popular server-side scripting language that depends on server software to parse scripts and perform correctly. PHP is an essential component of the WAMP stack, where a Windows hosting service runs the Microsoft Windows operating system and Apache web server software, uses MySQL or MS SQL databases, and handles user interaction and the display of content using PHP. While other methods are available, PHP’s relative ease of use makes it the leading choice for dynamic web applications.

As a result of its continued popularity with the web development community, PHP continues to be updated and improved, with new versions introduced on a regular basis. However, not every Windows web hosting, ASP.NET web hosting, or ColdFusion hosting plan user requires the latest incarnation of PHP in order for their content to work. In fact, some applications that worked successfully in PHP 5.2 hosting fail to perform under PHP 5.3 hosting, while newer applications require PHP 5.3 as a minimum. prides itself on offering customers unrivalled flexibility when it comes to Windows hosting solutions. To give customers the ability to control their own version of PHP, all Windows hosting plans can be quickly switched between PHP 5.2 web hosting and PHP 5.3 web hosting from within customers’ existing Windows Control Panel (WCP).

How can I change the version of my Windows PHP web hosting service?

Until now, offered PHP versions 5.2.x or 5.3.x as required, but altering your choice of PHP web hosting service required migration to a new web hosting server. Completing the process required hands-on intervention from the technical support staff, while in reality, customers wanted to take control of their PHP version, themselves.

Now, when customers enter their Windows Control Panel to use their Windows hosting plan, it is easy to find the new “PHP Settings” button to change which version of PHP is being used. All changes are effective immediately, giving customers the opportunity to focus their time and attention on developing content or working with the applications they require, as opposed to configuring their PHP version. is also pleased to announce that, on its newest servers, customers can switch to the latest PHP 5.4 RC version, which will be replaced by the final release of PHP 5.4 when it becomes available.

To further increase Windows hosting service customers’ PHP control, has also made it easier to work with custom php.ini files, configuration files that contain every major setting associated with PHP.  While has configured a default php.ini file that caters for most web applications, there may be some instances when customers require access to their own PHP web hosting settings.

By introducing the PHP version-switching function and improving customer access to custom php.ini files, is removing restrictions on how Windows hosting, ColdFusion web hosting, and ASP.NET hosting customers use their hosting plans.

Switch between PHP 5.2 hosting and PHP 5.3 hosting services with

With the new improvements in how Windows web hosting services can be used by businesses and individuals to support their unique development goals, there are more reasons than ever to choose flexible and versatile Windows hosting plans from For details on how these new PHP switching and custom php.ini features could affect you, read’s latest press release. provides businesses and individuals using Linux web hosting services and Windows hosting plans with support for ASP.NET hosting and ColdFusion hosting. Services include shared web hosting plans, virtual private server (VPS) hosting services, and dedicated server solutions. In addition to the ability to switch between PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3, every Windows hosting solution from includes a 99.99% uptime guarantee, a 30-day money back promise, and 24/7/365 technical and customer support.

To find out more about the new PHP switching feature and how gives you more control over your Windows hosting services, give us a call at 918-392-7870, or visit


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