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PHP hosting has been an essential element of some of the world’s most popular web applications. From MySpace to Facebook, from Wikipedia to WordPress, the applications that drive dynamic content online owe a large part of their outstanding success to dependable PHP web hosting services and the many features of this powerful web hosting technology.

But the past sixteen years has also seen the rise of many alternative methods of scripting server-side interactivity with a database backbone. Today, ColdFusion hosting and Microsoft ASP.NET hosting services both claim a number of dedicated supporters, all of whom feel certain that their chosen platform and programming language is the best. So why does PHP web hosting remain the most popular tool for web development in the world? Why do more than 20 million of the world’s best websites use PHP to drive their dynamic content?

In a recently published article, Why Choosing PHP 5 Hosting Means More Customers for Your Business, experienced PHP hosting provider outlines the many benefits of choosing PHP web hosting as you look to launch your web presence, and the direct influence this can have on your ability to entice qualified customers to your business. By reading this article, you will also learn why it is important to find a PHP 5 host who is committed to using the latest version of this essential development tool.

How PHP hosting is consistently more affordable than ASP.NET or ColdFusion

When you are planning the development and implementation of a dynamic web presence from scratch, it is important to remember your goal – to attract new visitors and transform them into lucrative customers. Of course, the reason for this is simple – you need to generate revenue, and turn it into profit! Since PHP is free to use software, PHP web hosting plans are generally offered at a lower price-point than Windows ASP hosting or ColdFusion hosting services.

In its latest article, PHP hosting provider explains the remarkable affordability of PHP hosting servers, but illustrates how, despite being free to use, PHP still offers powerful features to make handling and displaying data lightning-fast. The article also discusses the role of PHP web hosting plans as a layer in the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and how high levels of compatibility with other software makes PHP an indispensible tool.

In addition to looking at the benefits of using PHP in general, the article analyzes the role of PHP 5 hosting specifically, including distinct benefits that only apply if your PHP host is offering this latest version.

Order affordable high-compatibility PHP 5 hosting from

With more than 13 years experience as an industry leader in the field of PHP web hosting services, is committed to providing PHP 5.3 hosting as part of every plan available. Although in some instances you may decide to try a ColdFusion or ASP.NET hosting plan, PHP 5 is still included as standard to every customer. provides PHP hosting services to individuals as well as businesses of all sizes, and understands that not every customer wants to develop software from scratch. The company also offers two web application installers to deploy useful applications that are fully compatible with your PHP web hosting plan and ready to use immediately.

Whichever PHP hosting service you select, complements reliable web hosting with dependable customer support, including a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 30-day money back promise, and 24/7/365 customer support.

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