Cloud Hosting Reliability and Rich Options Lead In Survey

Reliability counts – almost nothing else matters. If you don’t have stability and uptime for your hosting then nothing else matters.

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Good reliability can also lead you to buy other services, because users trust their experience. For 18 years we have provided hosting solutions. For a big portion of that time we forged reliable ColdFusion VPS and Shared Hosting. A customer recently told me.

“Your ColdFusion Hosting is why I’m turning to you for everything else.”  – Tom Manners  (Owner | Developer @ Liquid Networks LLC)

Now we want to take this same vigor to provide the best hosting, not only for ColdFusion but also for Windows VPS and cPanel VPS hosting. We’re on a mission to be the best hosting value in the world.

What we learned from HUNDREDS of people like you!

We recently did a survey of approximately 500 Windows Server Enthusiasts. This list included Developers, Managers and experts within subsets of those fields. Companies ranged from small mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies like ConocoPhilips, Verizon and CVS.

Not ONE of the (non Hostek) customers’ survey said they loved  their hosting provider. 

Hosting problems - and how to fix it with Cloud Hosting

Hosting has a long way to come. The market has so much room for improvement and that amazing space is available for any hosting company to take. We want it.

We asked people to describe their problems with hosting, and also asked them to rank their most important requirements. Hands down reliability is #1. But we also found something interesting – when we took the limits off and let people describe their frustrations an overwhelming number described what their perfect hosting would provide.

We have a clue why, but first here’s some metrics and our initial take away.

Developers and Managers want Easy To Control Hosting

Based on text responses related to top frustrations we broke down comments into categories. Problems, Management, Support, Control and Cost. Here’s how they ranked:

Hostek Better Control HostingWe believe that what these users are saying is:

I want to be in control of web hosting – put easy to use tools in my hands. Eliminate common problems for me. Care for my servers like I would. Reassure me with options and some details about updates and security. Be there – fast, friendly and helpful for me when I need support. Cost is a factor but only slightly.

Simple Usability & Rich Optional Hosting Features

We asked the question again – what else came to mind when dealing with frustrations related to hosting. The resounding answer was – simple overall control of infrastructure with the ability to add or manage more advanced features.

Over 48% of those who responded said again Control of the infrastructure was very important to them. These are Managers and Developers who are hosting in-house (44.12%) or utilize Cloud Server Hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting (55.58%).

Without hosting reliability these highly desired features are meaningless. 

This is what keeps people from pursuing the awesome control they really want. Emergencies are taking precedence over the freedom to code applications and get work done.

We’re working hard to transform our services and maximize reliability and value.

Hostek Ramps Up Reliability and Control for Cloud Servers

We’ve recently implemented tremendous updates to our infrastructure adding 10Gbit throughout. And we’re in the testing phase for rolling out new more reliable firewall systems that enable us to maximize security and reliability for customers.

There’s also many new features we’ve recently added to our control panel to make managing domains and servers even easier!

Hostek was able to make an impact in Coldfusion developers lives by providing an awesome dependable service. We want to do the same in other areas. We would love to hear from you.

How can hostek help you solve hosting problems you have today? Tweet your answer or consult with a VPS/Cloud Server expert today.

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