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Three Tips for Better cPanel Web Hosting Security

cPanel web hosting is incredibly easy to use, and takes care of your most essential security processes for you. Simply using the cPanel control panel ensures that access to your settings and web hosting configuration is secure by using SSL connections and a confidential username and password pair. However, there are certain best practices every webmaster should keep in mind to maintain the best possible security on a web hosting plan. As you make the most of every feature in cPanel, you will potentially open up more weaknesses in the security of your system. And it is your responsibility as...
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Find a Secure Home for your ColdFusion Application at

With an ever-growing number of websites falling under the attacks of hackers, security is a major concern for any webmaster. Despite millions being spent on security solutions and the fight against cybercrime, web administrators and developers are still facing the menacing perspective of losing private data to hackers or worse, losing control over the web application itself. Best programming practices call for developers and software architects to design and write code that has built-in protection against malware and outside intrusion. However, as real life shows us, secure coding is not always enough to protect a website or web application from...
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