Build Dynamic Web Applications Quickly and Easily With ColdFusion Hosting

Creating dynamic web pages and building custom applications used to be a difficult task that only experienced web developers could perform. Fortunately, all of that has changed with the introduction of Adobe’s ColdFusion. ColdFusion from Adobe enables you to build and deploy rich Internet applications without the steep learning curve and with fewer lines of code.

Additionally, ColdFusion does not require coding in traditional programming languages. Instead, ColdFusion acts more like a set of extension tags for HTML files with format functions, database commands, and other elements that allow you to rapidly develop dynamic, interactive, and easy to maintain web applications. But to successfully use ColdFusion, you need ColdFusion hosting.

Why ColdFusion Hosting?

ColdFusion hosting is one of the best web hosting platforms to build web applications and dynamic web pages quickly and easily. Cold Fusion hosting can generate Flash forms, structured reports, and printable documents. Besides simply delivering basic hosting solutions, Cold Fusion server hosting is used to develop and deploy scalable e-commerce and enterprise web applications. And ColdFusion web hosting is a powerful, easy-to-learn, and highly productive technology that can be used to create your own web presence, launch an online store or integrate database content with your web pages.

Get impressive new features with ColdFusion 9 Hosting

A leader in ColdFusion web hosting, boasts extensive expertise in implementing and maintaining fully managed, robust, and reliable ColdFusion hosting platforms. As an Adobe Solution Provider Partner and a long term ColdFusion user, specializes in using, programming, and deploying ColdFusion applications. Whether you are a beginner needing fully-supported Cold Fusion web hosting or you are an experienced developer requiring reliable Cold Fusion webhosting, has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in all aspects of your ColdFusion server hosting environment.

At, we are also excited to offer hosting for Adobe’s latest version of ColdFusion, ColdFusion 9. With an impressive array of new and enhanced features, ColdFusion 9 hosting provides you with all the tools you need to simplify complex development processes, build Internet applications in record time, and create compelling user experiences.

New key features to experience with ColdFusion 9 hosting include:

  • Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Improved Flex integration
  • ColdFusion 9 as a service
  • PDF integration
  • Full CF script support
  • MS Excel integration with CF spreadsheet
  • Microsoft office application support
  • Tighter integration with Adobe’s Flash Platform
  • New Ajax controls

Other ColdFusion 9 enhancements include granular control over caching, in-memory file capabilities, and improved clustering.

How can you get started with ColdFusion 9 hosting?

With ColdFusion 9 hosting plans available at ColdFusion host, you can experience all the new enhancements ColdFusion 9 offers. To get started, contact us today to find out more about our ColdFusion 9 hosting solutions.


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