Becoming A Developer With Purpose Greater Than Money

This is a Flashback Friday mashup. Supporting your stack and approaching development with a purpose greater than money. This might sound like an appeal to create for your favorite charity. But it’s not.

We’re talking about the ethereal experience when how you do things is buzzing nicely.

Tools, Tricks & Hack Your Way Happy

The first time I saw someone using emacs (a living text editor) my heart skipped a beat. Did I learn how to use it? No. But it looked unreal when used by a knowledgeable developer.

Developer With Purpose - VPS Hosting

The same thing happened with Vim, and lately markdown (text styling) and Sublime Text. The community behind these awesome products is a testimony to the potential.

It would be frivolous to suggest a tool as a means to provide this path to developer enlightenment.

But mastering YOUR tools is a necessary step.

Services That Supercharge Your Progress

In the post below Brock Martin of Infinet Design discusses how Web Hosting for their business is integral to success. They utilize Lucee Hosting for developing CFML apps for world wide and mighty famous photographers. For them the ability to get a plug and play Lucee VPS is magic.

You can read how he describes their process in this Hosting Advantages blog post.

We don’t believe we’re the only service that makes people say “yea we love you guys”. There’s many times customers share their favorite product or service stories with us. We love to hear them. We learn from it.

Sharing About Your Tools & Services You Love

Gavin Picken wrote a fantastic post titled “Building a Bigger Better CFML Community”. If you’ve developed in ColdFusion or some other language that’s not in the spotlight you should read it. He not only describes where resources available, but how to engage.

Anyone could adopt these avenues to promote their chosen Tools & Services including:

  • Open source and Community Backed Products / Projects
  • Sharing Common Resources (on your website)
  • Contribute to Documentation & Training Documents
  • Community Compilation / Curation Sites
  • Online Presentations and Videos

He ends the post saying “We all TALK THE TALK, we need to WALK THE WALK.” When we share things we’re excited about it cements what we’ve learned in our minds. And gives others the opportunity to see it from a different perspective.

Finding Purpose Greater Than Money

Becoming proficient might include changing direction a few times. Being on the edge by participating in the best of any community guarantees rewards.

In Cal Newports book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” the most valuable takeaway is that chasing purpose is almost guaranteed to disappoint. But refining, staying current, shifting directions, hard work are common components to finding long term true purpose fulfilled.

When it comes to establishing web hosting at a new company, we see the same evidence. Up front there’s work. But this work is an investment into seeing your purpose bloom.

We appreciate our customers! When they are happy we’ve accomplished our purpose greater than money!

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