7 Must Have Business Apps

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GoToMeeting is an easy, convenient way to schedule and host meetings from your Iphone, Ipad or Ipod Touch in seconds. You can view or share presentations such as slide shows, spreadsheets, design mockups or anything you want to share onscreen. Whether you are training, , doing a sales presentation or having a general meeting of any sort, GoToMeeting is a handy app that lets you attend these meetings on the go at any time you may need to.


No more keeping up with a ton of business cards! With this easy to use app you can now access your business cards anywhere any time.. all in one convenient place! This highly intuitive app also converts your business cards to address book contacts and allows you to add them as connections on Linked-In. This app has a simple design and is sure to make keeping up with your important contacts much easier.


You can now access, view, share, edit and manage files from your iPhone and iPad as well as project those files to a TV, LCD monitor or projector. Box allows you to upload files from your computer as well as save content to Box from 50+ compatible apps. You can organize your files and folders easily, upload files, photos and videos to box that you can later access from your computer. Box allows you to secure your content using file-level encryption, a four-digit pass-code and automatic log out when the app is closed.

Secret AppsSecret Apps

Secret Apps allows you to have a “safe” for private data on your iPhone and iPad. Using a Pin or pattern lock you can protect photos, videos, bookmarks, web browsing history, notes, contacts and more. Not only does it require a pin or pattern lock; this app will also snap a photo of anyone trying to pry in, tag the location and save it on file for you to see. Whatever the need may be Secret Apps will keep your private information locked up.

Genius ScanGenius Scan

Finally a scanner that fits in your pocket and allows you to access it at any time! Scan documents and quickly email the scan as JPEG or PDF. This intuitive app detects the page frame and corrects the perspective while enhancing the scan with color or black and whit post processing. You can also export the documents to Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs or share them over Wifi for easy access from your computer. There are many uses for Genius scan.. some others include make a copy if no copier is available, on the road to scan receipts, at the university to take a picture of a whiteboard, save handwritten memos, restaurant menus and so many other possibilities.


With CloudOn you can use Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint on your iPhone or Ipad to create, edit or review files. You can also open and share just about any type of file. This app makes it easy to create and edit your files on the go and then share them as attachments via email. You can also create PowerPoint slides and present them in presentation mode.

iTap RDPiTap RDP 

With this free app you can get access to your PC or Mac remotely anywhere, anytime from your Ipad or Iphone as long as there is Wifi/3G. The app allows you to access all of your files, run applications and have complete control of your desktop from anywhere as if you are sitting right in front of it. iTap mobile RDP is not only the only client available with FIPS compliant security and support for NLA it is also can be more than twice as fast as the next competitor. Accessing your home and work computers on the go has never been easier.