4 Questions To Bounce Back From Hosting Problems

Let’s talk about a developer who is taking over a new project for a new client. This new project is a beautifully wrapped disaster waiting to happen. A mixture of ad-hoc development and a few dedicated servers from who knows where. Sound familiar?

This is one reason businesses abandon custom development in exchange for SaaS website building platforms. To avoid the risk of developers who create partial solutions that lack long term thought & little documentation. The cost is massive for hosting problems like this.

The options available today for businesses are endlessly overwhelming. But there’s hope because smart companies are leveraging the use of Cloud Hosting and Windows VPS or Linux/cPanel VPS’s powered by highly reliable servers and storage. But how does this help them avoid the same mistake? One word:


How to recover from Hosting Problems

This is a powerful shift in how outdated hosting was sold. Now hosting is not so complicated that you NEED to be techie. It has become more user friendly with the power of the Cloud – which in essence is highly available servers/services exposed to users (you and me) to control more easily.

Cloud hosting has brought the C level team closer to the IT world. Costs are easier to calculate, complete solutions are proposed & outcomes can be planned up front. Power to quickly adjust based on need is now and common feature.

Here’s four questions for your new host or developer to keep you on track for having hosting success – from this point forward.

Ask your host or developer these 4 questions:

  1. How do our servers get updated and patched?
  2. What is the cost of our servers today & when will we have to buy new servers?
  3. What support do we have for our hosting or servers today? Dig deep here.
  4. What is the process for upgrading hosting or servers? Hint: don’t confuse this with streamlining your application. Upgrades should be performed to the server infrastructure when a well written app simply needs more resources, space, CPU, RAM to accommodate more traffic.

These are 4 questions every business owner should be asking before buying equipment, hosting or preparing to enter into a contract with a developer or design firm. They can uncover costs you should plan for, and help you avoid pitfalls.

Since we’re also describing hosting gone wrong – these questions provide a platform for choosing a provider that will truly be a partner with you.

For each answer you should feel comfortable that they know what you need, and are your partner to take care of it. Doing so will protect you from depending on a single person or design company to manage your growing business – and avoid future disasters.

If there’s a hosting question you have, we’re here to help. Contact our sales team for general questions or setup a Consultation for more in depth conversations regarding servers, VPS or infrastructure hosting in the the cloud.

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