4 Hosting Guides Every Developer and CTO Must Follow

Only a few guides, when followed, can protect every developer and CTO from major disaster. Learn them, follow them, or be at risk of spending countless hours frustrated or worse having to start projects completely from scratch.

Whether you’re starting a new project or responsibility. You can completely cover your back from disaster and turbo charge your efforts with just a few tweaks to your criteria for choosing a hosting provider. Even better, you should (MUST) adopt these principles for all digital assets of your business.

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These Four Hosting Guides Every Developer and CTO Must Follow

  1. Backup Your Files – There are two acceptable general strategies for backing up data. For files, you should backup minimally daily. You could suffer a problem and at the most lose 24hrs of data. For databases incremental backups are wise. For example every 4-6 hours (or more depending on your needs). We backup each and every server nightly, and also fully replicate each server, to insure minimal recovery time from any disaster.
  2. Monitor Your Web Properties & Servers – There’s basic monitoring, and more granular. For general web-hosting it’s often enough to monitor using a 3rd party site like Pingdom. For servers, ping or a specific URL page can be acceptable. For any server we think it’s a good idea to monitor disk space, memory and cpu if it’s over a threshold (95% let’s say) you should be notified – check out New Relic’s Application Monitoring. We include basic monitoring for no additional cost.
  3. Have Great Support – Support can be great. Support also can be a joke. We’ve experienced support (through vendor contracts) that gave us almost no benefit whatsoever. You’ll know the difference when you experience it. Part of our Core Story is helping people. We believe one of the best ways to do this is by offering stellar support, which to us means quick and accurate.
  4. Know Which Tools Help You – Strip away the complex. Make sure you have tools you use frequently, and how to adjust them. For example almost every developer uses FTP. Having a hosting control panel exposes control of FTP accounts and more. Embrace the benefits of a great control panel, and learn how to use it to save you time. We build our own Windows Control Panel (you can demo) and chose cPanel for linux shared and VPS because it’s so widely used and also well supported (our #3 must).

We realize that every developer and CTO doesn’t have the time to invest in researching all the possible solutions and choosing which one’s are the best.

Today’s cloud offerings many times don’t address these challenges that Developers and CTO’s face. You have to have a strategy of your own within many of these services. Don’t ignore that. OR..Choose NOT to face big challenges alone by having a Hosting Provider that does all this for you.

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We have taken the time to invest into the best performing hardware we can find, the best backup solution and the best storage solution for virtual servers. This means we are not the cheapest solution, but we’re a great solution.

If this post has helped you and you want to know more or you feel exposed to risk, schedule an appointment to consult with us. It’s free and completely pressure free, and costs you nothing but less than 3o minutes of your time.