3 Outstanding Reasons to Love Your Hosting Provider

At a leading developer conference, we surveyed over 10% of the attendees. The results were not surprising. Over 34% of the respondents, of companies like Amtrak, Boeing, Kroger, Non-Profit Organizations and Universities said their greatest desire was excellent support, over performance guarantees (21.43%), reliability (17.86%) or strategy (10.7%).

Difference - Hostek

Speaking to real people who craft new and cutting edge ideas on the internet, we hear a similar urgency. Having a partner who cares about their needs is paramount to their business.

Recently a client was describing their growth challenges. His company is a web/marketing agency with a proprietary Content Management System. They are located in multiple cities in North America, and continue to grow substantially.

We talked about their challenges and growth. They have scaled from hosting their platform on a few Virtual Private Servers (ColdFusion VPS, Windows VPS with SQL) to a cluster of Web Servers. During each step of the process, we worked closely with them. They are experts at design and marketing, but recognize that hosting strategy is not their strength.

The owner said:

“See, this is why I am glad to have found Hostek. Because I can talk to someone who will work with us”

We recognize that people want to feel that they are special, they are recognized and noticed. They want to feel less like a number. Even though they are one of many, they want to be prized like they are the only one.

These three questions are a great start to determine if you’re in good hands. If you answer all three with a YES you’re most likely well cared for and will continue satisfied for many years. Fill in the blank with your hosting provider’s name.

1. Is ___________ improving; are they addressing challenges that matter to me?

2. Is ___________ quick to respond and helpful when I have questions or need help?

3. Is ___________ a company that has solutions for my growing business?

These questions help uncover the true value of your hosting provider. Being careful about what you read and hear, or take for granted. Asking good questions before it’s time to make a decision on short notice is a good practice.

Move on, move forward. Use technology to ramp your voice and move mountains. Reach the world. The voices of hundreds of customers, who we have spoken with tell us their stories – you can learn from their past frustrations and capitalize on it. We hope to live up to the standard which they desire.

Remember, under all the great graphic design, marketing, buzz-words and intimidating changes is the heart of the company. Seek these answers out and determine if your passion fits your provider. If you can say yes, celebrate it. If you’re unsure we would love to consult with you, even if we don’t earn your business.

For general questions contact our Sales by email, or for VPS or Business Solutions you can schedule a consultation and we will call you.

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