Shopping For The Best Hosting? Ask These 10 Questions

A new customer recently consulted us on a project. He had a well thought out list of questions, I was impressed by his thoroughness. After we ended the call, I thought it would be great to create a streamlined list. It would include the 10 best hosting questions I’d been asked.

Shopping For The Best Hosting - Hostek

The truth is no single hosting provider is perfect. I wish it were true. Just about every hosting provider you can name has had major outages. Rackspace and Amazon are not the exception. Hostek like other providers have had difficulties to overcome. These occasions have helped Hostek grow and improve which is a great benefit for customers.

Maximize Your Results To Find The Best Hosting

Before you read through the 10 questions, do these 3 things. They will help maximize your efforts.

1. Know your specific goals.

Do you want easy control of your websites, superior security or support that truly is available 24/7? It helps me to write out 2-3 goals before doing research. This is a small step I use often. Goals help me stay focused on WHY I’m asking questions.

2. Turn to real voices. Sometimes I have the bad habit of acting too quickly and trusting the provider/product based on their own media. For best results, look for and read comments people have made about the company, good and bad.

3. Use their website sparingly. Statistics are confusing, technical jargon is overrated. Know for 100% sure their answers RELATE to THE SOLUTION you are interested in, by ASKING. Contact the company yourself. Seriously, find a host that responds timely to your inquiries.

The 10 Killer Questions To Ask When Searching The Best Hosting Provider

These are taken from a real customer conversations not something I’ve made up.

  1. What security measures are in place to specifically protect my server?
  2. How can I further secure my site [or server] after my website is uploaded?
  3. What type of monitoring do you provide [or suggest]?
  4. What is the backup and restore process, how many days are my files available?
  5. How long will a full restore of my site [or server] take from backup?
  6. If a physical server fails how long will it take to recover my site [or server]?
  7. When was the last outage and how long was service down?
  8. If there’s a major disaster (complete outage), how can I reach you?
  9. How can I reach support, and is it common to wait on hold if I call?
  10. Why should I choose Hostek VS another [or specific company]?

I’m including the PDF version below, it has a few lines for notes after each question.

DOWNLOAD – 10 Killer Questions To Ask When Searching For A New Hosting Provider

Final thought. When Warren Buffett was asked about his investment strategy – he commented that it’s not exciting. He was known for investing in a FEW companies he really believed in. Take time to discover the best Hosting provider you can believe in.

You can read about our Core Story here.

We hope you consider hosting with us. We offer many hosting plans like Windows VPS Hosting and cPanel VPS Hosting, but get a huge grin when we can provide solutions that help customers. Check our available times if you’re interested in free VPS consultation.

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