WordPress Optimized Hosting vs WordPress Shared Hosting: Which one to choose?

WordPress is a very flexible and easy-to-use content management system that is increasingly used by large and small companies and individuals. It is a very popular system because it is entirely free, it is available on the web, and its installation is very easy to do. 

However, businesses are often left with two choices – to pick a WordPress optimized hosting (or managed hosting), or a WordPress shared hosting. 
In this blog post, we’ll see what these two can offer. Both have their advantages and use cases which we will check today.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a web hosting product that is designed to efficiently host a WordPress-powered website. By configuring the server specifically for WordPress, your website can take advantage of increased speeds, improved security, and other benefits. Some time ago, we published an article on how to optimize WordPress, and it’s worth checking out. 

What exactly is WordPress managed hosting, and what are its benefits? 

Managed WordPress hosting is the service that lets companies like Hostek take care of everything involved in maintaining your website, from security updates and software handling to seamless integration with different admin tools. There are plenty of benefits to using optimized (or managed) WordPress hosting. Let’s see some of them.

Fast speeds

When it comes to website speed, managed WordPress hostings have the upper hand over shared hostings. The reason for this is that managed WordPress hostings are located on separate servers, while shared hostings are not. This means that managed WordPress websites can load faster and provide a better user experience. Also, managed WordPress hostings offer dedicated bandwidth resources that are not shared with other websites.

Automatic updates

Managed WordPress hostings receive automatic updates, and they are prioritized over shared hostings. This means, you’d get the latest updates first, which are often concerning security and user experience.


One of the most nervous moments is when you have to upload new items to your website. Will everything go smoothly? Managed WordPress hostings allow you to have daily backups of your whole database, which would prevent big issues if things go south.

Priority support

If you have managed WordPress hosting, you will receive priority technical support. Since you’re a premium client, there will be someone to answer your questions quickly. On top of that, you will get access to WordPress development experts that can step in if needed. 


Web hosting should be capable of handling heavy traffic. Managed WordPress hostings can adapt to increasing traffic (especially during Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day) that can see web visitors’ number spike.

WordPress Shared Hosting – is it worth it at all?

Faster loading times, dedicated bandwidth, better uptime, and expert support – it seems that managed hostings have won by a mile. It’s not exactly the truth. Like a cheaper version of dedicated hosting, the WordPress shared hosting is an affordable option for those just starting their business. Instead of dedicating resources to a single website and paying high fees, shared hosting lets multiple people use a server’s bandwidth.

Price matters

Many people are looking for cheap WordPress hosting, and shared WordPress hosting could be just that – an affordable solution for the mass user since the infrastructure maintenance costs are shared between many customers. If you’re a blogger or have a small consultant website, you don’t need expensive services.

Great value for money 

While price and value for money are often correlated, this is not always the case. Something might be cheap but unusable. That’s not the case with shared WordPress hostings. They offer an extreme value for money. You can get up to 80% of the capabilities of the managed hostings for a fraction of the price.

Better flexibility

If you don’t solely depend on WordPress, then having shared WordPress hosting might be a good option for you since you might want integrations that would be otherwise impossible. A good example might be a large WordPress blog for a custom website.

Use cases for WordPress Optimized Hosting vs WordPress Shared Hosting

Both managed and shared WP hostings have their own target audiences. Let’s see some of their application.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

  • Big companies – large enterprises and ecommerce companies with flash sales can get the most value out of managed WordPress hosting solutions since managed hostings allow more scaling and better handle traffic spikes.
  • Speed-reliant websites – speed-reliant websites often choose managed WordPress hosting solutions, as they allow them to deliver great uptime and the highest speeds possible. Page load speed is a crucial Google metric (if not the most important), and large databases are a huge reason for slow loading.
  • Outsourcing businesses – many new businesses try to stick with their core business activities and outsource anything out of their scope.

If you don’t fancy handling most of the heavy lifting, why don’t you trust your hosting management to a team of experts? You can schedule a consultation with Hostek to see if you can satisfy your needs with dedicated WordPress-optimized hosting.

WordPress Shared Hosting

  • Small websites – if you’re an SMB, you may want to trim your costs, especially if they are not part of your core business activities. A small corporate website or a blog doesn’t ask for many resources, and you won’t probably rely on a large database.
  • Local businesses – setting up a page online has become a norm even for local businesses. However, it makes more sense to invest more in the premise or advertising rather than in the website.
  • Websites don’t have much traffic – if your monthly traffic doesn’t exceed 15-20K unique visitors per month, then it may make more sense to invest in shared WP hosting.

At Hostek, you can find WordPress shared hosting that can suit your needs perfectly and doesn’t cost a whole fortune.

Which one to choose – final call? 

As we have already told you, both shared and managed WordPress hostings have their utilities. Your best choice will vary depending on what you will want to achieve. Hostek has been on the market since 1998 and has provided high-quality solutions for many SMBs & large enterprises. We have many happy customers, and we will enjoy bringing you on board! Don’t hesitate to drop us an email or call us to check what the best option for you is.


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