Windows Shared Hosting for Dummies

Windows Shared Hosting is great for personal and business use! You can even 1 click install WordPress! Find out more advantages of using a shared server!

Choosing the right hosting plan may not sound like an important decision, but it actually is. Even a small mess could result in massive downtime and loss of business. There are plenty of solutions on the market, and siding with the right one might have a significant impact.

One of the critical factors to consider when choosing your shared hosting is the operating system. Most computers run on Windows OS, so Windows-based servers are a natural choice for the majority of businesses.

In this article, we will describe what shared web hosting means and see why Windows shared hostings are an excellent option for companies and customers using Windows OS.

What is Windows hosting? 

As the name indicates, Windows hosting is a website hosting that uses Windows as an OS. By default, most hostings use Linux. However, there are some good reasons why people would prefer Windows-based hostings ahead of Linux-based ones. Let’s see some key benefits that could lean towards a server with Windows hosting.

Easier to use 

Linux-based server hostings are often more complicated to use, and if you’re not an advanced user, you might face significant trouble. Windows, on the other hand, is a very user-friendly OS that even beginners can operate. You don’t have to use commands, and you can operate the hosting with a decent GUI (graphic user interface).

Compatible with other Windows apps 

For companies that use a variety of Microsoft tools, it makes great sense to use Windows-based hosting. Generally, if a company uses Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Exchange, and especially SQL databases, then sticking with Windows hosting might be the most suitable option since there will be great compatibility. Traditionally, Linux and Windows apps don’t co-exist well.

Better for maintaining CMS platforms 

Windows provides a Plesk control panel (unlike Linux’s cPanel) which is way more intuitive. Using Windows hosting will be very beneficial for commercial projects, and especially if you plan to run multiple websites. A Windows-based hosting is particularly helpful if you plan to create a WordPress website.

If you’re into Windows-based hostings, Hostek can provide you with a Windows Cloud Server that will let you expand your business.

But not everyone is interested in paying well over $100 a month to use a dedicated server. “What’s best” in general often isn’t the best in your case, and the latter is what matters the most.

What is a Windows Shared Hosting? 

Windows shared hosting is a managed hosting solution that can be used by multiple different users. Users share the hosting server, and they also share the resources, such as CPU and RAM. Each user receives a certain amount of storage along with unlimited bandwidth. The process of using a Windows shared hosting is similar to using standard Windows servers and is a great fit for organizations that do not have the technical expertise to manage their own servers or pay a premium to use dedicated cloud servers.

Advantages of using a Windows shared hosting 

  • Affordability – one of the greatest benefits of shared hosting is its low price. It really is a bang for the buck, and if you’re after cheap hosting, then Windows shared hosting can provide superb value.
  • Easy to manage – without a doubt, having shared website hosting provides easy management. You don’t have to think about the small details, as they are already arranged for you.
  • Scalability – it’s an amazing option for beginners who have the ambition to grow. You can always start with cheap plans and then upgrade.
  • Support of multiple domains – a capable Windows shared hosting allows you to host more than one domain, meaning you can manage many websites from the same place.
  • Low maintenance – unlike running your own server, having a Windows-based hosting lets you do your business without thinking about maintaining your server, as your hosting provider will do that for you.

But are Windows-based shared hostings ideal in each situation? Well, as with every technology, nothing is perfect.

Drawbacks of Windows shared hosting 

  • Speed – one of the most apparent issues with the shared hostings, in general, is that all server resources are shared. As a result, if someone is using more resources to run their website, the others will have to settle with slower speeds.
  • Occasional server crashes – because resources are shared, if there are no resources available, there’s a slight chance your website crashes.
  • Higher prices than Linux-run hostings – Linux is a free OS, meaning there are not costs associated with it. On the other hand, Windows is proprietary software. The outcome is a higher price to get a Windows-based hosting (regardless if it’s shared or not).

Common myths about Windows shared hostings 

The Internet is full of information, but there are many so-called “credible” sources that claim totally wrong information on the topic. Let’s go through some common myths and debunk them.

Myth #1: Windows-based server hostings are not secure 

It’s a general concept that Linux is way safer than Windows OS. While there are some grounds to say that, your security depends much more on how companies manage their hostings. Our engineers at Hostek have proven they can provide equally safe hostings run on Windows or Linux. It all comes down to how well security protocols are followed.

Myth #2: Windows shared hostings are slow 

It’s not true at all. While you don’t have dedicated speeds, you can always upgrade your plan and get higher bandwidth. Reliable hosting providers ensure users subscribed to the same plans have similar page load speeds, and no one is left behind because of others.

Myth #3: Very high prices 

A common myth about Windows-based shared hostings is the associated premium price tag. While we have briefly mentioned that it’s more expensive than the Linux equivalent, it still isn’t a major concern. Hostek lets you get Windows shared hosting for only $6.79 per month – or the price of two cups of flavored Starbucks coffee.

Myth #4: Low uptime rates 

Choosing a hosting service that runs on a Windows-based server can have many benefits for you. It can provide great value for money and give you the flexibility to run a wide range of applications. If you’re thinking about starting a new website, consider using Windows shared hosting. If you would like to receive some free advice on how to proceed, why don’t you fill out our contact form and hear from one of our hosting experts? We’d love to assist you and help you make an educated decision about your business future.


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