The Best Kept Secrets About Cloud Hosting

At Hostek, we love technology. We don’t specifically sell Cloud Services, but use them to provide a reliable hosting platform. There’s Cloud architecture in our ecosystem, the same kind used by 100% of fortune 100 companies.

There are many costs involved in creating an environment that is flexible & self healing. The same parts exist in every cloud. Depending on the hosting provider you use, those parts may be a different brand, quality or complexity.

Quote about cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting isn’t designed to save small businesses lots of money, paying by the hour.

The greatest benefit of Cloud hosting for small business is NOT the ability to turn more servers on instantly and pay for hourly. The GREATEST benefit is having a server without a huge up-front investment.

To larger, or specific businesses like Netflix, Instagram & Dropbox that need to scale (grow) to many servers on demand, paying hourly for only what they use makes perfect sense.

We must be careful of believing that specific types of Cloud Hosting or Cloud Servers is the best solution for everyone.

Other common misconceptions about Cloud Hosting are:

  • Cloud servers are all that we need
  • Cloud hosting means my servers are globally distributed
  • Cloud server storage is infinite
  • Cloud servers won’t have downtime
  • Cloud servers are always supposed to be cheap

Poor service leads to bad reputation. You can’t make money if your services are offline. It’s only natural to seek out a bullet proof solution, but none of the above statements are completely true, so now what?

What CAN Cloud Hosting offer:

  • Low upfront cost for your own server
  • Flexibility to launch a server for testing for short periods
  • Ability to scale to many servers on demand
  • Reduce (NOT eliminate) problems related to hardware failure
  • Ability to easily scale up resources like Memory, CPU and Disk – speed and size

We recently discussed a solution for a company that typically deploys their technology in house. Their product is used internationally in larger institutions. Hosting off site hasn’t been a need until recently, for smaller clients.

We discussed almost every aspect of Cloud relating to their needs. What we discovered is our Windows VPS platform was a great option. In addition to great pricing, we manage the servers, and provide advanced security features. This was the best fit for them, managed Cloud Hosting, that wasn’t too expensive and included great support.

We take pride in providing our customers with the best support and managed hosting, at NO EXTRA COST. CEO’s passionate about their business seek for a hosting provider that cares about their goals & customers. We are proud to serve all our customers this way.

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Their Cloud Hosting questions revealed one major misconception about cloud hosting. 

Question: Does Hostek offer Cloud?

Answer: We use the same Cloud Computing technology used by 100% of fortune 100 companies. Your servers are provisioned on our cloud based platform.

Question: What happens if my server goes down?

Answer: We monitor every server we deploy. If it crashes for some reason, we will check and resolve the issue. If it’s a physical server failure, your server is rebooted within minutes automatically.

Question: Are our servers located in one datacenter?

Answer: Virtual Private Servers are hosted in a single location, regardless of the provider. When you deploy a server you choose a region most likely in your country – i.e. single datacenter. Our servers are located in secure facilities in St. Louis Mo or Dallas TX.

As this quote about Amazon AWS explains, they expect companies to deploy servers in Availability Zones & across multiple Regions to maximize redundancy. They don’t do this for you.

The idea is that customers architect their applications to run across different availability zones for local data protection and then across multiple regions for an even higher level of availability.

If you want protection from disaster at a datacenter level, it must be something you plan for. Cloud technology provides powerful tools that need to be wielded thoughtfully. One of the greatest services we offer is guiding customers to the best solution.

If you have questions about our Cloud based Virtual Private Servers, consult with us free; here’s the link. And there’s no pressure.


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