The Benefits of Using PHP Hosting With The MySQLi Extension

With software being developed by individuals and organizations from all around the world, it is something of a rarity to find two open source, high quality web development tools that work together as efficiently as PHP and MySQL. PHP hosting and MySQL web hosting are the perfect match, allowing for integrated development of an exciting, content-rich database-driven web presence.

However, technology rarely moves at an even speed, and the millions of PHP hosting providers offering version 4 PHP web hosting services found that when MySQL version 4.1.3 was introduced, PHP could no longer keep up with the latest features. Thankfully, the developers of PHP were quick to respond, launching PHP 5 hosting which has since become the base of almost every PHP development platform.

But what does the MySQL Improved Extension (MySQLi) included in PHP 5 hosting offer that makes developing web applications easier and quicker? How can using the most recent version of both PHP and MySQL make a practical difference to your online success?

Three major advantages of MySQLi in PHP 5 web hosting

When MySQL 4.1.3 was first introduced, the developers added a number of new features that could be of great use to developers looking to streamline their workload and shorten the time to market for their application. However, those developers working in PHP were left behind, with outdated PHP hosting lacking support for these brand new tools. The MySQLi Extension is included in PHP 5 hosting services as standard, providing full compatibility with some very useful MySQL features.

First, the MySQLi extension allows programmers to use object oriented programming (OOP). This style of development is incredibly well organized, giving developers the chance to define objects with fixed attributes, as well as classes that group several objects together with the same features. Because object oriented programming allows attributes to be inherited across several objects, changing things, trying new ideas, or fixing problems is quicker than ever.

In addition, MySQLi on PHP 5 web hosting supports Prepared Statements. This means that developers can set up templates for SQL statements that are to be run, feeding in variables to alter the specific request to the database. As a result, those common, repetitive tasks no longer require masses of duplicate code. This improves performance and parsing speed, giving end users a more enjoyable, responsive experience.

Finally, one of the most useful everyday features added to MySQL web hosting are Transactions. Imagine a scenario where you had two numbers in a database, and wanted to transfer a fixed amount from one record to another. In theory, you could subtract your amount from the first account, but experience an error when you attempt to add it on to the other. You need both statements to work correctly, or none at all. Transactions allow you to group queries together, making them co-dependent and decreasing the likelihood of data corruption or loss.

Affordable PHP 5 Hosting With the MySQLi Extension from

These are just a few of the MySQL specific features that PHP version 5 adds to your development toolkit. For faster development and improved application performance, PHP 5 hosting is a must-have. currently provides PHP 5 hosting across a number of distinct services including shared web hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. What’s more, if you decide to complement your PHP development with other programming platforms, can offer dependable, highly reliable ColdFusion hosting or ASP.NET hosting with PHP 5.3 included. Every web hosting plan from also includes a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 technical support, and a 30-day money back promise.

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