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Robust, stable, affordable and easily available, the Linux operating system has become the most preferred choice of web developers and business-minded entrepreneurs looking to enter the reseller hosting market. With high performance output and a variety of configuration options, the Linux platform is rich in features and functionality needed to help resellers excel in a web hosting business. Linux reseller hosting is truly an ideal solution for anyone planning to start their own web hosting venture.

Choose a powerful and reliable platform for your Internet business

When it comes to web hosting, very few operating systems can match the power and durability of Linux. The Linux operating system integrates a powerful application environment for supporting innovative XML web services with enhanced open source applications that significantly improve process efficiency. Due to the high level of reliability, flexibility, and marketability associated with the Linux OS, more businesses and individuals are embracing Linux as a viable platform for reseller hosting.

When you choose Linux reseller hosting services for your online business, you get the peace of mind that comes from running your business on a platform that is by default more secure, powerful, and reliable than the competition.

Easily manage your Linux reseller hosting plan and earn additional revenue

Linux reseller hosting solutions offer anyone who wants to earn extra income, the ability to start a web hosting business easily and efficiently. Linux web hosting resellers are given access to completely automated systems without the costs and responsibilities of operating a fully-fledged web hosting company. The best thing about Linux reseller web hosting is that it gives resellers the benefit of using the latest technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSql and PHP, as well as running JSP, Perl and CGI-bin applications.

As a Linux hosting reseller, you have the ability to manage your hosting plans, client accounts, and domain registration through a Linux hosting control panel. With the click of a few buttons and some simple forms, you can perform all the needed changes and customize your hosting plans to meet the exact requirements of your customers. Linux reseller hosting also gives you the ability to offer your customers access to their own control panel so that they can manage their web hosting accounts without having to constantly contact you.

Find the ideal solution for all your reseller hosting needs

Whether you are an IT professional requiring a reseller hosting solution to grow your online presence or a novice webmaster looking to start an online business, offers affordable Linux hosting solutions for you to get up and running as a web hosting reseller or start hosting multiple websites under a single reseller account.

With’s unlimited domains Linux reseller hosting plans you can host as many websites as you want. Regardless of how big your web hosting business gets, we are always prepared to provide you with additional resources for all your growing business needs.

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