Qualities of the Best Windows Hosting Providers

When you begin to look for a Windows web hosting provider for your business, it is only natural to want to choose among the best Windows hosting providers available. After all, when you purchase a Windows shared hosting, Windows virtual private server hosting (Windows VPS hosting), or Windows dedicated server hosting plan, you are effectively putting your trust in the ability of this company to keep your content online.

Finding one of the best Windows hosting providers involves carefully balancing the quality of the Windows hosting features that you plan to use, such as MS SQL and Microsoft ASP.NET hosting, against the more general web hosting features, including network stability and customer support, offered by various providers.

If you need help finding a Windows host, read Hostek.com’s latest article, How to Find the Best Windows Hosting Providers for Your Business. In the article, Hostek.com summarizes the most important things to look for when exploring the world of Windows web hosting, giving you a convenient check-list of qualities shared by the best Windows hosting providers.

Learn how to find the best Windows hosting providers in the industry

Generally, only two major operating systems are commonly used for web hosting services: Windows and Linux. Traditionally, Linux distributions such as CentOS and Debian are stable, robust foundations on which rich, dynamic web applications can be built. However, Windows hosting offers a number of exclusive features and functions based on Microsoft’s proprietary software. For web development using Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft FrontPage Extensions, or Microsoft MS SQL databases, Windows hosting is a necessity.

By reading Hostek.com’s latest article, you will learn why the most efficient and dependable Windows hosts tend to be those who have a longstanding history of providing Windows web hosting services. By choosing a Windows hosting service from a company with years of experience, you can be confident that your host will be able to help you with any issues you may encounter. In addition, the article explains how the best Windows hosting providers always offer generous disk space for MS SQL databases so that you can make the most of your hosting plan, without encountering any restrictions.

The article also discusses the need for complete control over your Windows hosting service, including root access, remote access, and remote reboots for Windows VPS hosting or Windows dedicated server hosting plans. By reading the article, you will find out how the best Windows hosting providers combine unrestricted access with custom-built Windows control panels to give you complete flexibility in how you use your hosting plan.

Finally, our article discusses the general web hosting features that are important to any Windows hosting plan. By putting the operating system aside for a moment and taking the time to look at network uptime, availability, and server performance, you can be completely confident that your chosen Windows hosting plan is capable of supporting your business.

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Hostek.com has an established reputation as one of the world’s best Windows hosting providers, with thousands of satisfied customers who use Windows hosting plans to run their web presence. Whether you are looking to provide a simple online overview of your organization or a rich, highly interactive web experience developed in Microsoft ASP.NET, Hostek.com has the Windows hosting service for you.

Hostek.com can offer Windows hosting services including Windows shared web hosting, Windows VPS hosting, and Windows dedicated server solutions. As a result, you can find the Windows hosting plan that fits the size of your business, your projected traffic levels, and your budget. Windows hosting plans from Hostek.com include disk space on the company’s high-availability cloud infrastructure, a 99.99% network uptime guarantee, and 24/7/365 customer support from experts in Windows hosting.

In addition, Hostek.com supplies every customer with a custom Windows hosting control panel (WCP), a web hosting interface allowing you to work with domains, monitor usage, and configure mailboxes with ease. This exclusive Windows hosting control panel is also available for the iPhone, giving you the ability to configure your web presence on the move.

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