Put the Power in your Hands with Windows Reseller Hosting

Anyone looking to become a web hosting reseller should consider Windows as the reseller hosting platform of choice. Windows reseller hosting provides you with the ability to host unlimited websites, create your own reseller plans, set your own packages, and establish your own prices. More and more web hosting resellers are finding that the Windows system offers exclusive advantages that make it a more viable solution than those offered by most competing reseller hosting companies.

Why choose Windows hosting as a web hosting reseller platform?

The Windows platform is preferred by many web hosting resellers because of its higher level of compatibility. With a single intuitive Windows-based control panel, the reseller web hosting provider is able to track multiple clients without having to spread out over multiple control panels. This saves you a lot of time and makes it much easier to keep track of your clients.

One of the greatest benefits of the Windows platform is the availability of ASP and ASP.NET reseller hosting. ASP and ASP.NET are more powerful tools than the average development language and allow developers the ability to create dynamic web applications with ease. ASP and ASP.NET also work well with popular content management systems, allowing you to design and develop extremely rich and highly interactive websites.

Windows reseller hosting gives resellers access to the latest technology which can be applied to their portfolio of services. You can offer your clients highly sought after managed services such as ActiveSync, Windows Mobile, SmarterMail 7 (which has features like Microsoft Exchange including real-time push technology licensed from Microsoft) and more. These additional services can boost your profits and help you stay competitive in the web hosting industry.

What makes Hostek.com Windows reseller web hosting a viable option for web hosting resellers?

Windows reseller hosting at Hostek.com is easy to use. Most vendors and reseller hosts name this as the number one reason for choosing reseller Windows hosting. Windows reseller web hosting plans at Hostek.com have web integration software with a simple to use, graphical user interface (GUI) alongside a Windows explorer window to display files and icons. This makes things quick and easy to resellers who are not very well-versed in web space management.

Additionally, the Windows reseller hosting environment provides many valuable features and a broader range of services. Windows reseller hosting at Hostek.com provides a variety of automated scripts that simplify many complex tasks like transferring files from one server to another. Windows reseller hosting at Hostek.com also allows hosting of an ASP.NET application with an MS-SQL backend database and a PHP blog with MySQL on the same web site.

Why choose Hostek.com for Windows reseller hosting?

Hostek.com has been providing industry-leading web hosting services since 1998. Over the years, thousands of resellers have relied on us to help them build a successful reseller hosting business. Our Windows reseller web hosting packages include full support for Classic ASP reseller hosting, ASP.NET 1.1, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5 and ASP.NET 4 reseller hosting. All of our reseller hosting plans are packed with industry leading features designed to accommodate the demands of our resellers in today’s web hosting market.

Get up and running quickly with your own Windows reseller hosting plan for $25 and start reaching out to a wider audience with a complete reseller hosting solution from Hostek.com!

View our Windows reseller hosting plans or visit hostek.com to learn more about our reseller hosting solutions.