Popular Control Panels for Reseller Hosting

When signing up for a reseller hosting account, one of the most important features you need to consider is the control panel software. Reseller hosting control panel software is fundamental to the efficiency, profitability, and the growth of your online business. The control panel that comes with your reseller account can remove the complexities of managing a server and make your reseller web hosting experience easier and better in multiple ways.

To learn more about reseller hosting and why reseller hosting is an excellent choice for an online business, take a look at Hostek.com’s recently published article, Starting an Online Business with a Reseller Hosting Account. Keep reading to learn about popular reseller hosting control panels and discover the control panel that’s right for your online business.

What is a reseller hosting control panel?

A reseller hosting control panel, included in a reseller hosting package, is an online web-based application that allows you to easily manage your reseller hosting account. As website management software, a reseller hosting control panel gives you the power to manage and adjust virtually every facet of your reseller hosting account in real time. The administrative functions you can perform with your control panel include setting up email accounts, creating sub-domains, managing FTP clients, adding databases, and more for you and your customers.

Although some reseller web hosting providers give customers the option of choosing their own control panel, most web hosts include a pre-configured control panel within their reseller hosting packages. Usually the control panel you get depends on the operating system you will be using in your reseller hosting account, either Linux or Windows.

Available reseller hosting control panels

There are numerous reseller web hosting control panels on the market today, each one with its own benefits and features. cPanel and Plesk are considered to be the most popular control panels on the market today. Also available is Helm, a control panel with a graphical user interface that is very similar to Plesk. The following information will give you insight into some of the most important features of each of the three control panels.


Well known for its simple and user-friendly interface, cPanel is a preferred choice for control panel among many website owners. cPanel is quite versatile, able to operate smoothly with an array of features. The average cPanel account offers web hosting resellers the WHM (Web Host Manager) application which is used for account management. WHM allows you to create hosting plans and accounts for your clients, view storage and bandwidth usage, install SSL certificates, and more. Extremely user-friendly yet feature-rich and comprehensive, cPanel is an excellent control panel for your reseller web hosting account.


Available on both Linux and Windows web hosting servers, Plesk offers web hosting resellers the best of both worlds – user-friendliness and flexibility. There are certain areas where Plesk excels as compared to other control panels, for instance clustering support. The Plesk interface looks quite similar to Windows XP, which is mainly why many reseller hosts choose to offer Plesk exclusively as they want to target large groups of website owners on the Windows web hosting platform.


The Helm control panel has been steadily gaining popularity among web hosts and webmasters. Closely resembling Plesk in its interface design, Helm gives former Plesk users a familiar feel. One of the most appealing features of the Helm control panel is its simplified navigation within user accounts. Helm brings total control from a single point of entry which allows web hosts to manage all resources and customers centrally. This means significant savings on time and resources as compared to other control panels on the market.

There are other control panels on the market today, but not all of them are suited for the hosting reseller environment. With the support and availability of one of the above mentioned control panels, you will be able to operate your reseller hosting account easily and effectively.

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