Use Mura CMS? Attend MuraCon!

MuraCon 2016 - Mura CMS ColdFusion CMS ConferenceThe Mura CMS Conference

This year BlueRiver will host their annual MURACON in Sacramento. The official dates are February 18-19th 2016 (<- You can register right here). Incase you didn’t know Mura CMS is a Content Management System built with ColdFusion (CFML – the language).

Mura CMS is used by organizations all over the globe like Scientific American, NATO and CSX to mention a few.

Where is this hosted?

Sacramento California, at The Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel.

Did you know Sacramento is among the US cities with the highest number of independent coffee shops per capita. That’s enough reason to attend for most developers!

What’s the schedule like?

Two days, two stages and almost a dozen talks on Mura CMS.

And… they just announced the some of the speakers today, pretty cool folks like Grant Shepert (@grantshepert), the Matt Levine (@mattlevine), and Greg Moser (@bitsofgreg) of SlatWall.

What’s the big deal?

The schedule includes blazing hot topics using the Mura JSON Api with Node.js and Mura & Docker Integration. But also practical talks on theme design, development and workflow.

MURACON is all the hype for Mura CMS lovers. We hope you attend.

P.S. At these events you’ll speak one on one with the Mura team. This is an invaluable opportunity to turbo charge your Mura development, learning right from the authors.

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