Improve Your Web Hosting Plan’s Availability with Cloud Hosting Storage

One of the most important functions of a good web hosting provider is keeping your web presence online and consistently available to your visitors. Traditionally, this was achieved by introducing redundancy into a network, i.e., having additional server hardware and devices in place in case the primary hardware fails. However, cloud hosting is increasingly becoming the most efficient way to guarantee high-availability for your website by using the latest network technology available.

For some webmasters it can be difficult to grasp exactly how cloud hosting and cloud computing work. While conventional web hosting services can quickly be broken down into physical hardware elements, cloud web hosting is a more abstract concept that is more difficult to visualize and, if you don’t understand it, you may have a harder time trusting it with your mission-critical data.

In our latest article, Why Choose Web Hosting Services that Leverage Cloud Hosting?, leading web hosting provider explains how every type of web hosting service, from shared web hosting, to virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), to dedicated servers, can operate in the cloud. By reading the article, you will learn how cloud hosting works for your data, and discover the impressive benefits of choosing a hosting provider that owns and operates its own cloud storage infrastructure.

Web hosting services in the cloud can increase your online revenue

A cloud hosting service moves away from the physical interpretation of how web hosting plans work. While conventional hosting services locate your data on a single hardware device, the cloud seamlessly links multiple hardware servers together. This creates a vast network of system resources, working together to serve content beyond the capacity of any single hardware device. Since cloud hosting and cloud storage reduce the risk of your website becoming unavailable, solid uptime often translates into more sales opportunities and larger revenues.

In the new cloud hosting article from, you will learn about the potential limits when using standard web hosting services, and you will learn how the cloud overcomes these limitations. The article also discusses how cloud storage can increase your web presence’s availability, not only in terms of redundancy, but also as a result of more balanced loads and intelligent hardware performance. Since a cloud infrastructure is designed for flexible use of system resources, your web hosting solution is less constrained by the limitations of hardware servers.

In addition to outlining the benefits of choosing a web hosting plan with cloud storage,’s latest article also explains why the cloud is best when it is completely invisible. The article teaches you how cloud web hosting differs from non-cloud hosting on the level of network infrastructure. With the cloud, offers the same web hosting services as before, but with the added benefits associated with data in the cloud.

Cloud hosting has the potential to make your web presence more dependable than ever, without changing or adding to your workload.

Get cloud storage with your web hosting plan from

With our years of experience in running our own private data center facilities, invests in the latest web hosting technology to offer the best possible services to our customers. operates a VMware-powered cloud storage solution, extending to every single customer the benefits of storing mission-critical data in the cloud. can equip any customer with a web hosting service to suit their goals, with options ranging from shared web hosting plans to VPS hosting services. For larger organizations, also offers competitive dedicated server hosting services. All of these web hosting plans are deployed on’s high-availability cloud, allowing the company to offer a universal 99.9% network uptime service level agreement, with uptime as high as 99.999% on the majority of services. also provides 24/7/365 technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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