How Migrated FAT300 Custom Cycles’ Database for Quicker ColdFusion Web Hosting

Whatever fantastic web hosting features you manage to find for your shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, or virtual private server hosting (VPS) plan, the success of your web presence depends on a far more important element: the performance of your website. In order to motivate new customers to place orders and also keep your existing customers happy, it is absolutely vital that your website is always available and performing at a high speed. However, since the speed of your website is determined by several distinct factors, identifying the cause of slow page loading times can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

George Hatziyianis, owner of FAT300 Custom Cycles, Inc., is a leading retailer of custom-made sportbike accessories, and customers from around the world depend on the FAT300 website to order the parts they need. Last year, despite being happy with the features of his ColdFusion web hosting plan, Hatziyianis began to notice an increase in the time it took for the pages of his website to load, and even worse, his customers started to notice the problem, too. Hatziyianis had become a victim of his own success – as the demand for his products increased, the performance of his website suffered.

In the latest of’s Customer Success Stories, we explain how helped FAT300 Custom Cycles uncover the database issues that were causing poor page loading times. In addition, we outline how took charge of the problem, suggested the best solution, and implemented this solution without causing unnecessary downtime.

Improving performance on FAT300 Custom Cycles’ ColdFusion Hosting Service

The importance of page loading times should not be underestimated, and the impact of poor loading speeds on George Hatziyianis’ sales was detrimental. With so many competing businesses offering a reliable, responsive web presence, any delay in serving product information or processing orders can immediately result in lost business. Worse still, if existing customers can no longer place their orders quickly and easily, it is only logical that they will begin to search for another supplier.

In the case of FAT300 Custom Cycles, identified issues with Hatziyianis’ existing Microsoft Access database, which was not well-suited to the demands of web users and ColdFusion web hosting services. To help Hatziyianis unlock the full potential of his hosting service, the customer support team recommended a MySQL database solution that could serve crucial information at speed.

In the FAT300 Custom Cycles Customer Success Story, Hatziyianis explains how the support of transformed his web presence into a dependable, lightning-fast site. We detail the steps took to improve Hatziyianis’ ColdFusion web hosting service, and how these actions resulted in a tangible increase in sales and further growth for FAT300.

Fast and responsive ColdFusion web hosting from

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