How Helped Insurance Claim Contractor Group Migrate Their Website While Keeping Customers and Advertisers Happy

Early on in the development of your company’s web presence, it is not unusual to opt for a low cost, low performance web hosting solution. After all, this helps to keep overhead down as your business finds its online audience. However, as your business grows and develops – and the visitor numbers start to rise – you will inevitably find that a limited, unreliable web hosting service imposes a significant limitation on your potential to increase your revenue.

Kristen Birmingham, owner of the Insurance Claim Contractor Group (ICC), experienced this first hand when her web hosting provider could not meet the growing demands of her ColdFusion-powered website. The need to move to a new, more reputable host was clear, but tarnished with the fear of frustrating advertisers and losing customers as the result of server downtime. Fortunately, Birmingham found, who could not only offer the dependable ColdFusion web hosting services she needed, but could help to migrate her website while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

You can find out more about how helped Insurance Claim Contractor in the latest addition to our growing Customer Success Story section. In addition to discovering how the ICC website was quickly migrated without disruption, you will also learn more about the vital role that’s technical support team has played in ICC’s success.

Keeping Insurance Claim Contractor’s ColdFusion Hosting Available

Every business with an online presence wants their server to be consistently online and available 24/7/365, but Insurance Claim Contractor’s Kristen Birmingham is under remarkable pressure to keep the ICC website accessible. In addition to her obligations to the thousands of Americans who use the website every day to search for an insurance claim vendor, the specific insurance claim companies who pay to have their advertisement listed on the website demand that they get value for their money. If their advertisement is not available, even for a few hours, they understandably do not feel that their investment has been well placed.

In the latest Customer Success Story, you will discover why Birmingham was dissatisfied with her former web hosting provider, and why her choice of’s ColdFusion hosting plan brought with it complete peace of mind due to server reliability. In addition, you will learn more about how called upon its years of experience and technical expertise to migrate the ICC website without causing large-scale service disruption.

Finally, the ICC Customer Success Story takes a look at the continued success that Birmingham has enjoyed since joining, including her satisfaction with our lightning-fast technical support service.

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To find out more about how has played a part in Insurance Claim Contractors’ success, visit the Insurance Claim Contractor Success Story today.

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