How Cloud Hosting Storage Makes Your Web Presence More Available

When it comes to earning money from your website or by offering dependable online services, availability is everything. However much time and resources you invest into building out your content or developing interesting, exciting online applications, web hosting services are of little use if they suddenly become unavailable.

In part, the most reliable web hosting plans come as the result of quality network hardware and servers installed and operated by hosting experts. However, the next generation of high-availability web hosting is supported by a cloud hosting infrastructure that distributes your data to minimize the risk of unexpected downtime. provides high-availability cloud storage with every single web hosting plan. But what does cloud storage really mean for your website? How does web hosting “in the cloud” make your web presence more dependable and more consistently accessible for your customers?

The impact of cloud storage on web hosting plan availability

Cloud hosting/cloud computing describes a range of related services that use the same technology to bring together a diverse range of hardware systems. While traditional web hosting services house your shared web hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting), or dedicated server on a single hardware unit, cloud hosting stores your data across an entire network of systems. This approach makes your web hosting service more reliable and consistently available in a number of ways.’s cloud storage solution distributes your mission-critical data across multiple servers with multiple connections to the Internet, effectively eliminating any single point of failure that hardware servers usually experience. If one server, or cloud infrastructure “node” becomes unavailable, the other servers in the cloud can still deliver your content to your customers with no service interruption.

In addition, a cloud infrastructure utilizes system resources where they are most available. Whenever a connection to your website occurs, your web hosting plan uses RAM and CPU to process relevant data and deliver content to your visitors. In a standard shared web hosting plan, the speed at which your hosting service can complete this task depends on the other users that share your hardware – if your shared hosting neighbors are using system resources extensively, the performance of your website will suffer. Cloud storage and cloud hosting are more flexible as they draw on resources from whichever node has the most RAM and CPU available. This improves the performance of your website and reduces load on hardware, and as a result, minimizes the risk of hardware failure.

Finally, cloud storage makes it possible to easily upgrade your web hosting services as your online presence grows. Whether you choose a shared web hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated server hosting solution, the time may come when you need to step up to a larger, faster, and more powerful web hosting plan. With your content hosted in the cloud, the upgrade process will not result in a period of downtime, allowing your website to be available at all times.

Get a web hosting plan with cloud storage from now

As an experienced web hosting provider with its own data center facility, has implemented the latest cloud hosting technology to make high-availability cloud storage a reality, no matter which plan you select.

Every web hosting service includes high-availability storage, keeping your content online and available to your customers. guarantees a minimum of 99.9% uptime through a robust and easy to understand service level agreement (SLA) on all shared web hosting plans and VPS web hosting services. also provides 24/7/365 technical support and a 30-day money-back promise so every customer can have complete peace of mind.

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