How GoPHP5 Helped Offer Outstanding PHP Hosting with Unrivalled Support

Whatever the nature of your business, your online success is largely dependent on your ability to offer an exciting range of dynamic, rich content that your visitors can return to on a regular basis. In order to develop new content of your own or to deploy existing software applications, you will need to use a server-side scripting language which can act as the interface between your potential customers and your databases of relevant information.

PHP web hosting services remain as one of the world’s most popular choices of web development platform. However, just like any technology, PHP has continued to evolve and change since it was first launched in 1994. Although PHP 4 hosting was once the backbone of the web development community, the introduction of PHP 5 servers saw a range of new features added to this powerful scripting language. In an attempt to encourage people to transition from PHP 4 to PHP 5 hosting, the GoPHP5 movement started with the goal of migrating developers away from PHP 4 and on to the new features of the latest version. has always been at the forefront of web hosting services and is determined to provide every customer with the latest in web development tools. After adopting PHP 5 at a very early stage, now offers a range of PHP hosting plans across services including shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, and virtual private server hosting (VPS hosting).

How GoPHP5 motivated the growth of PHP 5 hosting services

In theory, a movement like GoPHP5 should never have been necessary. A PHP 5 web hosting provider can supply users with an array of greatly improved features, including:

  • Object-Oriented Programming Features – allowing more advanced, complex web application development.
  • Faster and More Responsive PHP Parser – ensuring that your application runs at lightning speed.
  • Enhanced XML Functionality – resulting in highly parsable pages that are understandable by your application thanks to customized tags.
  • MySQLi Extension – for better integration with the world’s most popular relational database manager, MySQL.

Despite these features, many web developers and hosts who had become used to working with PHP 4 were reluctant to undertake a large-scale change. A large number of web hosts felt that upgrading to PHP 5 hosting was unnecessary, simply because so many popular web applications were PHP 4 compatible. However, with so few hosts making use of PHP 5, developers were unwilling to drop support for PHP 4 web hosting plans.

The web hosting industry was essentially stuck. Worst of all, developers could not confidently take advantage of PHP 5’s feature set. It took a coordinated initiative like GoPHP5 – literally a date when developers and hosts were encouraged to drop PHP 4 support – to make a large-scale transition to PHP 5 a reality.

Order a PHP web hosting plan from today is dedicated to bringing every user the latest in web development technology, and began to offer PHP 5 hosting as early as possible. Today, with the rest of the world finally using PHP 5 as standard, uses its experience in working with this new PHP hosting version to offer the technology on every single web hosting plan.

Whether you are looking to use PHP web hosting for development or to deploy applications like WordPress, or whether you need a PHP hosting provider who can also supply other platforms like ColdFusion hosting or ASP.NET hosting, you can be assured that every hosting service from includes version 5.3 PHP web hosting with full access to the latest features. also provides 24/7/365 customer support, a 30-day money back promise, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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