Enjoy the Benefits of your Own Windows Reseller Hosting Business

Reseller hosting is one of the most cost effective ways to start your own Internet business. With a little amount of investment required on your part, you can start generating income from the lucrative web hosting industry that generates billions of dollars annually. Reseller web hosting is a perfect option for individuals who wish to resell hosting to their own customers as a value-added service without the cost of maintaining their own server. Reseller hosting is one of the best small business models that one can operate part time and eventually turn into a full time business.

If you have plans to become a reseller host or start your own reseller hosting company, read Hostek.com’s recently published article, Why Choose Windows for your Reseller Hosting Business, and learn how becoming a web hosting reseller can generate additional revenue with little investment including the top reasons the Windows platform is the best option for reseller hosting.

Benefits of having a reseller hosting business

The concept of reseller hosting is quickly becoming popular as more startup businesses are discovering the benefits of becoming a web hosting reseller. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll discover as a web hosting reseller:

  • Minimal initial investment – With very little investment you can start by purchasing disk space and bandwidth in small allotments and eventually work your way up to a dedicated server.
  • Do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge – Anyone familiar with the Internet can start a successful reseller hosting business.
  • No need to maintain equipment – It is the job of the reseller web hosting company you buy disk storage and bandwidth from to maintain and monitor server equipment.
  • You can set your own prices – You can design your own custom web hosting plans and bill your customers any price you want.
  • You can offer other services in conjunction with reselling – As a web hosting reseller you will be able to set up accounts, suspend accounts, upgrade them, set the DNS, and much more.
  • All technical aspects are the responsibility of the reseller web hosting provider– Server updates, hardware maintenance, and configurations and other administrative tasks are the responsibility of your reseller web hosting partner’s technical support staff.
  • Savings on overall hosting costs – As a web hosting reseller you can have affordable web hosting for your website while at the same time, bring in extra income by providing hosting services to others.

Which hosting platform is the best for a hosting reseller business?

If you are new to the business and not sure which reseller hosting platform to choose, consider Windows reseller hosting by Hostek.com. Windows reseller web hosting plans at Hostek.com are the best option for anyone looking to run dynamic and interactive applications.

As an industry leader, Hostek.com provides all the tools and support needed to help you start your own Windows reseller hosting business. With the help of Hostek.com you will be able to sell Windows reseller hosting packages with different variations in prices, features, and configurations.

At Hostek.com we offer Windows reseller hosting plans, Classic ASP reseller hosting plans, and ASP.NET reseller hosting plans, including support for ASP.NET 4 reseller hosting. All of our reseller hosting plans give you the ability to create unlimited websites under your own brand name.

Partner with Hostek.com today and set up a private brand reseller hosting company of your own with minimum effort! For more information or to order online visit hostek.com.