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Are Shared Servers the Right Choice?


Shared Server or Virtual Server – Which to Choose? First, about the image… I love Solar power and anything related to Solar power… so this image is definitely entertaining. The advances being made in Solar power are astonishing, awesome and great to see. However, that is not what this post is about… so on to the good stuff. Are Shared Servers The Right Choice? If you are choosing web hosting for your business, you will quickly be faced with the question as to whether you want a shared hosting server as opposed to your own server with dedicated resources. What...
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Application Server or VPS Hosting?


What’s the difference between an Application Server and VPS Hosting? While an application server or VPS may be similar in many ways, both are an inter-working part of a larger system. Likewise, they are the key parts of the structure that makes up most modern websites and applications. In most cases, an application server and a VPS can be interchangeably used in most conversations. They are alike in that most application servers today are virtualized. Virtualization is where VPS gets its name. VPS Hosting A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a segment of a larger more powerful server, of which...
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DNS – The Rolodex of the Internet

Domain Name System (DNS) drawing on whiteboard. Includes clipping path for whiteboard.

For many years, the Rolodex was the primary tool used to keep track of large numbers of addresses for people you knew or did business with. Today, most of that information is handled digitally. If you have ever wondered how you type “” into your browser, and your computer magically connects to their server and retrieves a web page, the answer is DNS.  You can think of DNS like a giant Rolodex of the internet where you can look up a name like “” and find an address. The abbreviation DNS can stand for the system as a whole (Domain...
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5 Reasons To Be Virtualized In The Cloud


If you are a novice to the area of web hosting, you may be wondering: “What is virtualization?” Virtualization involves both hardware and software that work in tandem to facilitate the creation and management of virtual servers, otherwise called virtual machines. The hypervisor is the software element of virtualization. The hypervisor is what bridges the gap between the physical hardware and the virtual machines. In brief, there are two types of hypervisors. Type 1 hypervisors, like VMWare’s ESXi or KVM, run directly on the physical hardware. Whereas Type 2 hypervisors run within a guest operating system on top of the...
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