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One of the most important assets of a company is the image it conveys to the market and to the public. In the highly competitive web based economy, corporate identity plays an essential role in the evolution of a company by attracting new clients and helping maintain the existing customer base.

With multi-million dollar budgets being spent on marketing each year, it is easy to think that small companies or fresh startups do not have a chance against big name competitors. Nevertheless, the web hosting industry provides many lucrative business opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur, and it is not necessary to invest a small fortune in marketing to create a viable brand.

In a recently published article, How to Make the Most Out of a Private Label Windows Reseller Hosting Solution, explains how small companies and professionals can use a private label Windows hosting solution to begin a lucrative web hosting business that carries their own brand identity.

Choose an anonymous Windows hosting reseller solution from

When looking for a Windows reseller hosting solution, there are a number of factors that you should take into account, with service reliability and affordability emerging as the main aspects that should be considered. However, you should not neglect another important factor that can influence the long-term evolution of your business – branding.

Some Windows reseller hosting providers offer branded solutions that cannot be customized for the use of the resellers, meaning that the Windows hosting reseller’s customers will see the branding of the provider, rather than the branding of the reseller. Why is this important? The end users may lose confidence in the reseller, or they may even be tempted to skip the intermediary all together.

Anonymous reseller Windows hosting plans provide the solution to this problem. Private label (or white label) solutions can be customized to the preferences of the reseller, making turnkey anonymous Windows hosting solution accessible to virtually everyone.

Customize your control panel, user reports, and more

As’s article points out, every Windows web hosting reseller should look for a provider that offers a customizable control panel that is specifically designed for reselling purposes. By using a solution that can be personalized, you can apply your own logo and branding to the hosting administration interface used by your customers.

To improve the overall efficiency of your Windows hosting business, you can use a hosting management tool that automates many operations, including invoice generation and sending, account creation, and client support. Private label reseller Windows hosting providers offer plugins for popular management tools, such as ClientExec and WHMCS, which can be customized to reflect your own identity. delivers top-notch white label Windows reseller web hosting services

As a top player in the Windows reseller hosting industry, is known for the quality of its hosting solutions, as well the excellent customer service it provides. The excellent technical infrastructure that forms the foundation of the Windows reseller hosting plans provided by ensures that customers receive top-of-the-line services under any condition.’s turnkey private label Windows reseller hosting solutions are the ideal solution for those interested in starting a Windows hosting business. The reseller hosting services offered by can be branded with the client’s own logo, making it easy to build a solid visual identity. With unlimited domains, subdomains and FTP accounts, you can create a thriving business, with minimum effort and investment.

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