Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting for a Personal Website

What is the difference? Which one is better? Today, many professionals and businesses have started creating websites and blogs to build a solid online presence with the vast online opportunities. As the number of sites grows, hosting has also become a necessary aspect that requires proper attention. Hosting your website is the next thing on the agenda. But how to choose the best hosting option for your next site? Shared hosting or VPS hosting is your way to go for a personal website? That’s the million-dollar question we will try to answer in this blog post. We will start with...
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Why do you need a Security Audit?

Website Security Audit

Why is it essential to have a security audit for your website? A web security audit checks a website for any security weaknesses that hackers could exploit. It is essential to maintain secure business data by protecting it from cyber threats such as data breaches, leaks, and criminals. Cybercrime is estimated to be a trillion-dollar industry and is projected only in 2023. 51% of organizations have reported that they are not ready to handle a cyber-attack, according to Finance Ensuring your website’s infrastructure effectively protects your data is essential to keeping your website and business out of the alarming...
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What is VPS Hosting And Does Your Business Need One

What is VPS hosting? Why does your business website need a dedicated server?  One of the most crucial decisions when running your website is choosing the right hosting plan and the type of hosting service you wish to use. But in the web hosting space, there are plenty of options to choose from, and VPS hosting is one of the most common ones. Why? The reason is simple: it serves many purposes and sits right in the middle of the pack, providing a superb value for money for scaling businesses that want dedicated resources without breaking the bank. In this...
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Windows Shared Hosting for Dummies

Windows Shared Hosting is great for personal and business use! You can even 1 click install WordPress! Find out more advantages of using a shared server! Choosing the right hosting plan may not sound like an important decision, but it actually is. Even a small mess could result in massive downtime and loss of business. There are plenty of solutions on the market, and siding with the right one might have a significant impact. One of the critical factors to consider when choosing your shared hosting is the operating system. Most computers run on Windows OS, so Windows-based servers are...
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